Let’s face it, as much as we want to try, we just aren’t all Kim Kardashian, with that perfect, hourglass figure that looks as though we’re in a permanent corset. Or Kate Upton with washboard abs and hips that don’t lie. And especially when it comes to after pregnancy, every mom wants to return to her pre-maternity dimensions. Not only for health reasons, but also to help boost confidence. After all, dealing with a newborn baby, plus all of the hormonal changes going on within your body, puts new moms in a very vulnerable, sensitive, and self-conscious spot.

The advice everyone gives is to get on that workout train to get your body back as quickly as possible. But yah right, what new mom has the free time to schedule in a full workout routine, and cook and eat three healthy meals per day? You’re lucky to find five minutes to scarf down a quick bite before catching some sleep, or feeding/changing/soothing baby … again.

Jokes aside, while it is important to eat as healthy as you can and get some exercise in when possible, there are plenty of products and other tips and tricks for shedding the post-pregnancy pounds and—let’s be honest—the stomach bulge. Belly Bandit, in particular, focuses on helping smooth out the bumps and lumps, so to speak, and bring back that old figure more quickly, while providing some other benefits.

What is Belly Bandit?

Started by three women who have conducted tons of research and texting, Belly Bandit makes everything from tank tops to leggings and tummy rubs for use both during and after pregnancy. But the company’s main product is the actual band—essentially shapewear specifically tailored to the post-pregnancy body. Think of it like Spanx for those who just gave birth. Or a modern day, far less painful, corset for the new mom. 

It works by wrapping around the tummy, and compressing with “medical-grade pressure” to help encourage a flatter stomach, slimmer waistline and hips, and stronger muscles. It works by speeding up the flow of fluids through the body, and compressing small blood vessels and capillaries to help get rid of body fluids, reduce swelling, and minimize bruising. It helps encourage quicker shrinkage of the uterus, which in turn leads to quicker shrinkage of your belly.

It fits snugly, smoothing out problem areas to create a slimmer silhouette so you can throw on that LBD (Little Black Dress) for a cocktail party, or those brand new skinny jeans or leggings without feeling like you still look three months preggos. (The worst thing that can happen to a woman who has just given birth is to be asked how far along she is!) The proprietary fabric is meant to stretch to fit any body type (it comes in three sizes), and fit snugly so it won’t be any more visible under clothes than a pair of pantyhose or Spanx.

There are other benefits beyond slimming. Most important is confidence-building—eliminating a muffin top or protruding belly, no matter how small, can help a new mom feel much better about herself. But it also adds support to the back, upper legs, and upper body, the latter of which can help when breastfeeding. The medical-grade elastic helps to stabilize the pelvic floor, says Belly Bandit, and support the spine. The Belly Bandit is also said to provide comfort to the mid-section after a C-section, which can leave a woman experiencing abdominal pain for up to six weeks post-birth; and to minimize stretch marks. Feel bloated or swelled? The band can reduce this feeling, and serves as a reminder to use those core muscles to build them back up.


What’s available?

The original Belly Bandit comes in nude, in small, medium, and large sizes. It’s made from 75% polyester and 25% spandex, making it comfortable enough to wear all day. Once ready to clean, just hand wash it and hang to dry—don’t use bleach.

I used a belly band when I was about seven months pregnant, simply because my back was aching daily—no matter if I was sitting or standing. It helped to ease the pain slightly, and add some extra needed support for my now very front-heavy frame. Belly Bandit offers a model you can start wearing before baby is born, too: the Upsie Belly Support, which can be worn through all three pregnancy trimesters. It’s made from 92% bamboo (from viscose) and 8% spandex, and helps add some extra support while you carry around those extra pounds of fluid and, of course, your growing baby. It, too, can be hand washed.


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