Baby gates are an absolute must have when raising a little one, and they’re not just great for when your baby is starting to get around and you need to block off a set of stairs. They will come in handy over the years as your little one grows up too.

It’s been a few years now since I’ve needed a baby gate but I don’t think it matters how old your kids are it always feels like it was just yesterday that they were learning to crawl and toddle around and keeping them safe was always a concern. With both my sons I used the typical baby gate that expands to block off doorways and stairs but they didn’t really help in blocking off other dangers like electronics or fireplaces. This is where superyard gates are helpful. They’re really versatile, come in a variety of styles and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Stair safety

superyardWhen my boys were little and started to crawl, my biggest fear was them climbing the stairs and falling down them. One day I felt safe knowing they were playing on the floor but weren’t mobile enough to get too far, and the next I was catching them two stairs up and my heart was dropping. They really are like little monkeys and I can remember the big proud smiles on their faces when they learnt how to climb or come down the stairs.

I love how with a superyard gate like this Bily Freestanding Wood Superyard, you can block off a large area around the stairs and not just the stairwell opening. Even with a baby gate blocking off the stairwell my sons were still drawn to them and would tippy toe, try to climb the gate or shake it to get to the stairs. I feel like being able to block off a larger area around the stairs  would be more of a deterrent.

Block off electronics

billy-superyardBack when my sons were little and getting into mischief we didn’t have TV’s that could be mounted to the wall or fit perfectly into a designated TV alcove, which means our TV was on a stand with the cables at perfect reach for little hands. It didn’t matter how many toys were in the family room to play with, my boys were drawn to those cables.

Another concern was the home office or computer desk area. Computer wires, routers and power bars seem to scream “come and play with me” to little ones crawling around. A superyard can easily be set up to block off the computer and electric wiring, helping to keep your busy little one safe.

Designated outdoor play area

extensionsI spent so much time outside with my boys when they were little. We walked almost every day and when they were really little and the weather permitted we would just go in the yard and hang out and play. I swear this helped them sleep better which in turn meant I got to sleep better too. Once they could roll around and sit up, they loved feeling the grass under their feet and in their fingers. Superyard gates can act as a playpen so you can get some yard work done while your baby plays in a safe area. If you’re concerned about your baby eating grass, put a large blanket down first with the superyard gate going on the blanket.

To make a larger play area you can get extensions like these North States Superyard Ultimate 2-Panel Extension.

Once your baby starts to get mobile baby gates are needed to block off safety hazards and dangers. Superyard gates offer a variety of uses perfect for your baby as they grow from baby into the toddler stage.

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