Mom in active wear with baby in stroller

Your friend or family member just recently had a baby. Naturally, you want to get baby gifts that appeal to both the mom and the baby. But does that mean getting something specific for the baby, or something that mom can enjoy?

As the saying (kind of) goes, a happy mommy makes a happy baby, right? So which is the right approach when buying a gift? Truly, you can’t go wrong, whether you buy something that’s specifically for the baby, or something that will please mom. Seeing her baby happy will undoubtedly make mom happy, too. But you can be smart in what you choose to ensure maximum satisfaction from both parties involved.

What to buy for mom

Moms always put their babies first, often neglecting to think about her own needs. So it would be a nice gesture for you to put her first and remind her that she needs to think of herself, too. Grab some items that will make her smile because they’re exclusively for “her,” but that also pertain to her baby, and give a nod to her new (or recurring) status as “mom.”

Mom wearing the Modern Eternity nursing tankClothing and accessories

Some stylish yet functional clothing is a great idea, including nursing bras, maternity/nursing tops, comfortable but fashionable sweaters, or even just a nice basic pair of black maternity tights. She probably has tons of loungewear, but might not have bothered to invest in nicer clothing to wear for parties or other fun outings, so consider getting her a cute nursing dress, too.

She’s probably struggling to lose that baby weight, and will appreciate a few extra items of clothing that she can wear until the pounds come off, and still feel attractive in them. No mom wants to spend money on clothing she knows she’ll only wear for a few months, so take the initiative and get it for Three scarves worn different waysher.

Another good option: a cute scarf she can wear multiple ways, using it to dress up any outfit, or even to double as a nursing cover. As a bonus, she can continue to wear it long past her maternity leave.

Something that’s mainly for mom but also benefits baby is a fashionable diaper bag that she can use to double as her purse. Sure, she probably already has a diaper bag. But a practical mama likely opted for a unisex one that dad can also carry. And she probably won’t splurge on a designer one for herself, even Coast Silver Cross diaper bagif it will be the bag she carries around for at least a year, likely more. Look for bright and bold colours that scream more “fashion” than “I’m housing spare diapers and rash cream inside.” There are options from floral designs, to solid but bright colours, totes, and messenger bags so mom can have one for every occasion.

Items for the home

One gift item that parents rarely buy for themselves are photo and keepsake albums or frames. Make this extra sentimental by adding some photos you took of mama and baby to the album or frame before wrapping and presenting it.

essential oils diffuser with appGet mom an essential oil diffuser that can help keep her calm during those all nighters when baby just won’t sleep, or when she’s generally exhausted after a long day. The simple yet pleasant scent of lavender might be just the pick-me-up she needs in the morning or the wind down for the evening. And she’ll appreciate you for thinking of her.

Small appliances

Moms have limited time to cook, and certainly won’t be able to stand by the stove in the kitchen to make full meals, particularly in the first few months when any semblance of quiet time means that mom needs to catch up on her ZZZs. Get her a multicooker that she can dump food into, and set and forget. She won’t need to keep an eye on things, and the food will be kept warm should mom get caught up in other tasks. When she has a free moment, she can scarf down a quick meal instead of always resorting to leftovers, or simply forgetting to eat! Multicookers, pressure cookers, and dedicated steamers can come in handy for quickly steaming vegetables for baby once they’re ready for solids as well.

Overhead view of Instant Pot

Another small appliance worth considering for a mom is a personal blender so she can whip up quick protein shakes, healthy smoothies, and other drinks when she needs a quick meal replacement or snack between meals. The blender will come in handy for making baby food, too!

Juddlies Raglan cotton sleeperWhat to buy for baby

Dressy clothing is one of those gifts that will please mom just as much as baby, as she can “ooh” and “ahh” and the cutest dress or most stylish pair of baby overalls. But then parents end up with drawers full of puffy dresses and dressy slacks that baby never gets the chance to wear. There are, after all, only so many formal events you’ll attend before the baby grows out of them. And baby will likely only wear each item once or twice, sometimes only for a super cute Instagram photo shoot, or family portrait.


Instead, please mom by getting more practical baby clothing items, like sleepers (babies will, after all, spend much of their first year sleeping, wearing sleepers even while out and about in a stroller), and clothing that’s great for layering. Mom will appreciate items that can be washed and worn immediately versus tons of ones she’ll hang up in the closet waiting for the perfect occasion.

Fisher Price activity centreToys

Toys are always a good idea because they keep baby entertained and help mom by preventing them from crying or getting antsy. Rather than focus on loud and noisy, however, seek out toys with bright colours, which baby will love, and that have an educational component to them. Baby will be focusing on things like developing motor skills, so find an age-appropriate toy that can help.

Options might include a simple shape sorter, peg puzzles, or soft stacking toys. Plush toys are also a good idea, as baby can safely grip onto their favourite stuffy and bring it with them for on-the-go entertainment. Just make sure to get one without any beads for things like the eyes, buttons, or any other item that baby might be able to bite off and accidentally swallow.

Sophie the Giraffe teething toyTeething toys

Consider that baby might be teething as well, so a cute teething toy that can clip to a stroller, provide plenty of entertainment, and be chewed on safely, will be appreciated by both mom and baby. Teethers come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and designs, and some serve dual functions for entertainment, like playing quiet sounds or with a built-in peek-a-boo mirror.

Bottom line

The question of whether to buy for the baby or the mother is an interesting one. Anything for the baby will be for the mother, too, and vice versa. But there are nice items you can buy that are designed for mom to enjoy, or to help mom enjoy her time more with her baby. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about mom, too, and doing what you can to help her make the most of those all-important first years and build that bond with her little bambino.

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