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Just imagine if your child only knew that his car seat was designed by the same company that also designs race car seats and aircraft seating. OK, let’s face it: you probably find it ultra-cool yourself! That’s the reality with the line of premium car seats and strollers by Recaro.

Recaro is essentially an expert in seating, having developed a diverse line of automotive, aircraft, and child safety seating. The company’s development team includes both ergonomic specialists as well as engineers and designers that help ensure a seat not only looks good, but is also ultra comfortable, and safe. To date, the company has made more than 300,000 seats!

So what’s with the baby line? It includes strollers, car seats, and convertible booster seats to suit your growing child’s needs, and your desire for a truly cool look.

The Recaro Easylife Standard Stroller is ultra lightweight (13 lbs.), can be folded with one hand, and even stand on its own after you’ve folded it, so you don’t need to worry about finding a wall on which to prop it up while you enjoy your brunch at a restaurant.

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It packs up small so it can fit in smaller vehicles (perhaps your own sports car?) Your child will enjoy the three-position seat recline, padded straps, temperature-balancing fabrics, and CoolMesh sidewalls for increased airflow; while mom and dad will appreciate features like the five-point safety harness, mesh peekaboo window, large storage basket, and cup holder. The oversized, extendable canopy offers UV protection against the sunlight during your summertime walks outside, and has a water-repellent coating incase you get caught in an unexpected rainstorm. In addition to black, it also comes in granite or a striking, racecar red

The Performance Sport Convertible Car Seat will make you feel like the next Mario Andretti or Danica Patrick – but please, only in mindset. Always drive the speed limit – safety first! And it will, most importantly, keep your little one well-protected while he’s forward-facing through features like side impact protection, HERO harness technology, and the Safety Stripe System. Ideal for moms and dads (like me) who still only sport a compact car, they’re designed to be narrow so you can easily fit three of them across most mid-sized cars. As with the stroller, you can grab the bolder red and black design if you prefer something with a bit more flare. And what’s great about it is that, as your child grows, you can convert it to a belt-positioning booster instead of using the internal harness.

Or, upgrade to the belt-positioning, high-back Performance Booster Car Seat, which is suitable for kids up to about the age of four, or about 40 lbs. It features the same Side Impact Protection as the convertible car seat, along with expanded polystyrene foam to absorb external forces in a crash, and the CooMesh fabric and temperature-balancing fabrics. And it adds convenience features like LATCH connectors, easy-to-clean fabric, and built-in cup holders to avoid juice spillage all over the backseat.

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  1. I think the only thing these seats are missing, might be a Momo steering wheel and shifter knob.

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