The line of products from phil&teds, a great company based out of New Zealand, are exactly what parents are looking for. These products will help keep your baby safe and comfortable through the baby and toddler stages, and the years beyond. phil&teds have been in the baby business for over 18 years, and I love that they not only think about what will work well for baby, but also for us parents. They are super innovative with their design, and safety always comes first, which will give parents peace of mind when choosing their products for their kids. They are also award-winning product inventors and their catch phrase “adapt&survive” perfectly represents parenting.

Strollers to grow and adapt with your family

phil&teds strollerphil&teds offer a variety of strollers to meet any parents needs and they are easily adaptable to go from carrying 1 child to 2. They created the first inline stroller, and the “auto-stop” brake. I think a lot of parents have experienced the “stomach drop” feeling as they quickly grab the stroller handle before your little one rolls away, so from parents everywhere around the world, thank you phil&teds for the “auto-stop”.

A good stroller is a must if you have little ones, and if you have two close in age then you definitely need a double stroller. phil&teds strollers are designed to adapt and grow with your family. With a newborn simply select the adapter that matches the car seat you are using and easily move your baby from the car to the stroller. There’s also an option for twins, and if you have two children you can find the right riding option that suits your family. phil&teds have both the three and four-wheeled style of strollers, some styles come with the double kit included and they all have an extendable hood to protect against sun, wind and rain.

Some amazing options and safety features you’ll find are a 5-point harness, adjustable handles, unpoppable Aeromaxx wheels, one-hand fast-fold, adjustable seating, hand-operated parking brake, wheel suspension and so much more.

Find the right carrier for your lifestyle

phil&teds carrierA carrier was probably one of my favourite baby accessories when my boys were small. I just found it so much easier to strap them to me to get around instead of having to take out the stroller and set it up all the time. It was also “free snuggles” for me which was a bonus.

phil&teds offer a few options from everyday lightweight carriers to carriers ready for hitting the trails, mountains and adventuring. Their lightweight styles are easy to use and are compact enough to fit into a purse or bag ensuring you always have it on hand if needed. Their newborn insert allows you to carry your precious cargo from an early age and easily adapts as they grow. If you are looking for a carrier that will keep your child safe and comfortable while you’re out walking the trails or hiking, phil&teds have some great options for that as well. With the variety that they offer it’s easy to find one that will suit your lifestyle and last from baby through the toddler years.

Some of the features you’ll find with phil&teds carriers are breathable mesh, adjustable integrated head support, stylish and colourful fabrics, waist belts and lumbar support, an adjustable harness, easy storage and much more.

The right accessories for every day use

phil&teds mesh coverphil&teds also offer some great accessories for all of their products which means you can customize, adapt and adjust as your baby grows and get years of use out of them. If you’re purchasing a stroller for your newborn you may want a car seat adapter. There are a few to choose from depending on the car seat and stroller style you have, and they make transitioning your baby from car to stroller and back a breeze.

There’s also storm covers which are made out of waterproof material and will keep your baby nice and dry during our rainy BC weather. During dry and warmer weather there’s a mesh cover that offers shade and keeps pesky bugs away. Both covers are see-through so your little one can still enjoy your outing and see what’s happening around them.

Some other great stroller accessories available are food trays, cup and bottle holders and a fantastic stroller travel bag. These accessories will come in handy throughout the years while your little one moves through the baby and toddler years.

Check out what phil&teds has to offer for your baby and/or toddler at

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