Image of a Nanit+ video baby monitorParents know the value of a great baby monitor like the many available at Best Buy. I’m sure in their own way babies appreciate them too. Maybe more than parents. This great invention helps parents care for their children, and helps the children alert parents when it’s time for feeding, changing, or just time for a hug. Best Buy has a fantastic selection of new baby monitors, and you might win one, the Nanit+ Video Baby Monitor with Sleep Tracking, by entering this contest.

A Baby Monitor makes parenting easier

When my children were younger, checking on the baby meant risking the squeaking door, or even the sound of my footsteps on the hard floor would be sufficient to awaken my son or daughter unnecessarily. Gone are those days of wondering if your baby is asleep in the nursery: the technology in new baby monitors allow you to check up on them at any time. Many come with a small tablet style monitor. Others allow you to view right on your phone. I can think of many times when we were out for dinner or with friends and we were anxious about how the baby was doing without us there. These days, parents can just look on their phone and know.

A Baby Monitor helps babies get the care they need faster

Babies are fast learners. So in the past, when a whimper in their crib did not get a prompt response from their exhausted, sleeping parents, the child naturally would amp up the volume. With a new baby monitor in the room, the softest sound comes through crystal clear right next to the parent. Babies get the comfort they need, without having to resort to ear-splitting measures. Overall, this can lead to a happier first few months for baby and for parents.

There are a variety of styles of baby monitors available and we created an article to help you learn about the newest models available. Read that article then come back here to enter this contest for your chance to win one.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, but you can only enter once. Read about the new baby monitors at Best Buy, then in a comment below, tell us what feature of the new video baby monitors is your favourite and why.

What you can win

At the end of the contest we will select one winner to receive the new Nanit+ Video Baby Monitor with Sleep Tracking.

This contest runs from February 15 to February 28th.

Remember you can only enter once, but you probably know someone who just had a baby or is expecting one soon; let them know about this contest so they too have a chance to win.

Win a Nanit+ Baby Monitor Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck.


  1. Having a one year old this product would be perfect with the remote viewing to keep an eye on my little guy , even when I’m at work all night.

  2. I currently have a 18 month old that we used the Angel Care baby monitor. We are currently expecting baby number 2 in May. We have learned that we wanted a monitor that we can monitor with our phones. We will definitely need a second monitor and this one check all the boxes

  3. I really like the Night vision that lets me check on my baby even in the dark. That is such a great feature on a monitor.

  4. Night vision since I can see if my baby is really awake if he makes noises at night or if he’s just made noises while sleeping.

  5. I like the overhead view of your baby’s crib with night vison, zoom and 2 way audio. I would gift this to my niece if I won as she is expecting right now. boy they sure have come a loooooong way in baby monitors!!!

  6. I love the idea of 2-way communication, so that you can sing to the baby from afar, and hopefully they’ll go back to sleep.

  7. According to me, the best feature in the latest baby monitors is the ability to get alerts whenever the baby moves as presented by the new Nanit baby monitor. This feature is my favorite because with this technology I can sleep peacefully that if anything happens or my baby needs anything, I will get an alert. I wont have to worry anymore that I wont get up.

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