Lolli lead imageAbout a month ago, my husband and I underwent the daunting task of repainting our 4-year-old son’s room. The walls were covered with a beautiful mural that was painted by the home’s previous owners, and my son absolutely fell in love with it when we moved in. But as he got older, and began to pick up distinct interests, he wanted a room that was more “him.”

Beyond the paint, we used a number of fun decals – Star Wars – to add a bit of spunk to the room, and give it a theme he would love. We also placed a few other items around the room to add to the themed and fun decor; from a Darth Vader piggy bank, to an oversized storm trooper backpack that sits atop his dresser, a original Star Wars throwback pillow, lollo living owl lamp baseand themed comforter for his bed.

When it comes to a nursery, chances are your baby hasn’t quite developed his or her own tastes just yet. But this doesn’t mean you can’t liven up the room with some high quality and fun design items. That can mean an obvious piece of decor, like a lamp, or something more subtle, like a throw blanket for the glider. Lolli offers a number of options for all kinds of nursery designs. Here are some creative items you can consider to help liven up a nursery.

Lamp and Lamp Base

A lamp is a perfect way to add some pizzazz to a nursery. You could opt for a solid colour, or one that matches the overall theme of the room. Consider something wlolli living grey zig zag lamp shadeith an interesting pattern, like the Lolli Living Grey Zig Zag pattern lampshade. The colour and design can co-ordinate with a number of rooms, styles, and colour themes. For example, it would
fit perfectly in my son’s now Star Wars-themed light blue and grey room, but go equally well with a pink and white setup. Or opt for something a little more subtle, like the Gio lampshade, which offers an aqua and green geometric design that can coordinate with a variety of room styles and lamp bases. Both are unisex colours, so ideal if you’re setting up the nursery for a baby that hasn’t arrived, and for which you don’t yet know the gender.

We often focus on the style, colour, and pattern of the lampshade, but the base can be just as important, and impactful, in the design of a nursery. I love the idea of Lolli’s animal-shaped bases, like a fox, owl, or elephant. Perfectly suited as a night time companion, the owl provides just enough light for your child can sleep comfortably at night, and for night lolli living charcoal triangle hampertime nursing sessions or rocking to sleep. It has an on/off inline switch and EVA protection on the bottom to prevent surface scratches. It even comes with an energy-efficient CFL bulb.


Yes, it’s functional. But the hamper is often a highly-visible part of the nursery, too. So you want one that looks good, and either matches the overall decor of the nursery, or stands out in a good way.

The Lolli Living Charcoal Triangle Hamper offers an attractive triangle pattern with the Phinley mix and match collection. Plus, it has built-in handles that make it easy to grab and take down to the laundry room for your likely twice-weekly loads of clothing, receiving blankets, and burp clothes that need to be washed.

lolli living book end friendsBook Ends

Chances are, you have a selection of baby books on display for story time, potentially on a visible shelf in the room. Who would have thought you could even use those to add some fun to the nursery? Lolli Living offers super-cute Book End Friends shaped as a number of animals, like deer, elephants, and foxes. The great part is that, when they aren’t being used to hold up books and add to the overall look of the room, your child can play with them as well. The knitted toys are made from 100% knitted cotton, so they are ultra-soft.

Sheets, Quilts, Comforters, Bumpers, and Change Covers

Fabric is an integral part of the look of any room, including a nursery, whether it’s your bed sheets, bed skirt, duvet cover, throw pillows, or other items.

lolli living baby quilt woodsWith fitted sheets, you might want to opt for a relatively basic design that won’t contrast with the rest of the bright and bold colours of the room, like the Lolli Living Tan Herringbone. It’s made extra deep for a secure fit without worry that your baby or young child might be able to pull it off the mattress.

Complement that with a bright-designed quilt that you can drape over the crib or glider chair when they’re not in use, and use for extra warmth during cool winter night feeding sessions. The Lolli Living Baby Quilt Woods has a modern woodland theme, and can coordinate with a variety of coloured sheets and room themes. It even has a rod pocket if you want to hang it and use it solely for decor purposes.

lolli living bumper sparrowGet really bold with the Lolli Living Quilted Comforter in the same In the Woods theme that has a tan herringbone on the underside if you prefer to use that instead, or switch things up. It is soft and lightly padded, which means it’s great to use for picnics outdoors, or for placing on the floor for tummy time.

For little girls, consider a pattern like the Bumper Sparrow, which you can find on items like the Lolli Living crib bumpers. It is reversible between the sketchy bird and tripod print, so you can change things up depending on your (or your baby’s!) moods. It’s designed to fit all corners of the crib.

Another cute blanket option is the Lolli Living Printed Velour Grey Cloud blanket, which is perfect to wrap around you and your baby as you rock him to sleep. Drape it over the side of the crib for an inviting night time look.

You probably have a change table in the nursery, which means the change pad on top is prominently displayed. Add some flare with a cover like the Lolli Living grey dot option, which is extra-soft, and has elasticized edging to protect the entire change pad from unfortunate leaks and mishaps. And who doesn’t love polka dots?

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