Breville Smart Oven Pro convection toaster ovenWhat do you give the home chef who loves multi-purpose appliances? This holiday, why not give a gift that can save them a ton of time on food prep, help cook delicious meals, and even slow cook their favourite food when they want to put the family’s dinner on the table at a certain hour? Yes, on the second day of our 12 Days of Christmas we’re looking at your favourite toaster oven and mine, the Breville Smart Oven Pro convection toaster oven.
The Breville Smart Oven Pro convection toaster oven will be the most-useful appliance on their kitchen counter and the perfect holiday gift for anyone who would love a mini-oven or second oven in their kitchen.

Breville Smart Oven will toast, roast, and bake cookies

Breville Smart Oven Pro convection toaster oven bakes cookies
There’s no learning curve when you have the Breville Smart Oven. It has convection built-in, and the fan will circulate hot air within the oven to speed up the cooking process.

Just unpack it from the box, plug it in, and begin enjoying 10 Element IQ cooking presets. You can toast thick slices of bread, warm up the best bagels, roast a small chicken for the family, or bake a sheet of cookies for the kids after school.

It can also make a 13″ pizza, slow-cook a casserole, and reheat your leftovers. With a large 0.8 cu.ft capacity to fit up to a 13″ pizza, it has 5 quartz heating elements that will automatically adjust so each dish you put in your oven is cooked exactly the way you’d like it.

Slow cook in your toaster oven

LCD Display Breville Smart Oven Pro convection toaster oven
When you want dinner on a table at a precise time, you can use the slow cook setting. You can set it between four to ten hours, and the timer will tick down until dinner is ready right when you want it. Imagine walking in the door, opening up your toaster oven, and dinner is served without a lot of mess or extra work.

Cook from frozen with Breville Smart Oven

Not every toaster oven will perfectly cook your food from frozen, but you can with the Breville Smart Oven. There’s a frozen food button you can press to automatically add extra cooking time to your frozen foods including pizza, toast, and bagels.

Sleek stainless steel is eye-candy for your countertop

stainless steel LCD Display Breville Smart Oven Pro convection toaster oven

Not only does the Breville Smart Oven cook pizza, toast, roasts, and bake cookies perfectly, but the stylish stainless steel oven looks great on your counter. The Smart Oven has an LCD display that shows all of your cooking presets, the current temperature, and the countdown timer. Open the oven door and you’ll see three rack height options, and your giftee will love the magnetic auto-eject center rack that makes taking out hot food a breeze.

It also has a non-stick internal coating so you can quickly wipe the interior clean, and you can adjust the temperature from 120 degrees to a searing 500 degrees.

Give the gift of Breville this holiday

Breville is a brand everyone loves to see under the tree. Give the gift of a Breville Smart Oven Pro convection toaster oven and your favourite foodie will thank you all year.


  1. I did not know all the things that the Breville Smart Oven could cook before I read this review. Sounds like a great product.

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