There’s nothing more relaxing than unplugging from the world, getting outdoors and sleeping under the stars. Camping is one of my favourite summer getaways, but I know it’s not for everyone. So, for those who need some of the creature comforts, I’ve put together a list of products and places that can cushion the blow of being in the outdoors. Consider this our go-to list for Glamping.

Where to go
If you’re not the type who can stand nothing but flimsy nylon between you and the wildlife, Banff National Park has an option you should check out: “oTENTik, exclusive to Parks Canada, is a cross between an A-frame cabin and a prospector tent mounted on a raised wooden floor. These permanent and comfortable accommodations require no set-up by campers,” according to Parks Canada’s website. These structures give you all the fun of the outdoors in a national park, with most of the comfort and safety of a cabin.

Looking for something a little closer to the water? Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Tofino BC has luxurious tents with king-sized beds and real furniture. “Our “original” Outpost deluxe guest tents are roomy, great white canvas prospector-style quarters built on discreetly-situated raised wooden platforms. Tents are connected by cedar boardwalks, and are hidden under a canopy of the rainforest along the water’s edge or perched “Swiss Family Robinson style” amongst the hillside trees,” reads the resort’s website. Sounds like bliss.

In Ontario, Long Point Eco Adventures has more structural tents in the wilderness that “will provide the comforts of home with views, sounds and sensations seldom, if ever, experienced elsewhere in the world!” Choose between cozy camping ‘pods’ or larger ‘wilderness suites’.

Now you know where to go, but how to survive once you get there?  We present Camping Problems; Glamping solutions!

Camping Problem: outhouses (Pee-eww!). Glamping Solution: pack a flush toilet!

Since we’re on the topic of the bathroom… one of glampers’ biggest complaints has to be ‘going’ in the woods or a stinky outhouse. Why not pack your own flushing toilet? The Reliance Flushable-Loo 400 features a 15L holding tank that’s makes it easy to get rid of waste and to clean. It has a 12L top water reservoir and secure side clamps to prevent leaks. It’s ideal for camping, at the cabin, or on a boat.

Camping Problem: rickety picnic tables. Glamping Solution: bring your own!

If we’re being truthful, no one likes picnic tables at campsites; they’re full of slivers, have spiders and other creepy-crawlies lurking beneath, and they’re often rickety and dirty. Bring your own picnic table instead with a portable, folding aluminum picnic table from Picnic Time. You get seating for 4, plus an easy-clean formica top. No dusty wood to wipe down!

Camping Problem: not enough light. Glamping Solution: bring an overhead fixture!
One of my favourite camping gadgets has to be the Biolite Nanogrid lighting kit. I was able to review one of these last summer and I can’t say enough about how handy it was to keep camp lit.  Featuring string lights that can be wound overhead, as well as a bright lantern/flashlight combo, it’s super versatile, and won’t have you fumbling around in the dark.

Camping Problem: Sleeping on the ground. Glamping Solution: electric air mattress!

Sleeping on the ground can make even the most die-hard outdoors person miserable. After all, cold lumpy ground can deprive you of sleep and ruin the next day.  Ensure a good night’s rest with an air mattress.  Even a small simple self-inflating one can make all the difference.

Camping Problem: no power for electronics. Glamping Solution: solar power!

Can’t bear the thought of unplugging while out in the wilderness? If you must, there’s all kinds of ways to keep your electronics powered, like the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator. Not only will it keep your phones and tablets juiced up, you can also use it to power other items that use a traditional AC plug. With three ways to charge the battery (solar, AC, or 12V) you’ll never be caught unprepared.

You can see there are gadgets and gizmos that can allay nearly any fear a wannabe glamper might face. What’s your must-have gadget for weekends in the woods? Do you have a camping problem we could help you solve with a glamping solution?  Let me know in comments below!

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