I recently had the chance to cruise around on 2 different RBSM electric sports scooters—a white model and a black model, and today I’m going to let you know all about it. These scooters are not toys. In fact, they’re a very serious transportation option for commuters living within a reasonable distance of their places of work. How far is a reasonable distance? Well, that’s up to you, but for me I could easily see covering 2-3 kilometres every morning on one of these on my way to work, provided the trip wasn’t too hilly. If you think you might like to avoid rush hour traffic and get the wind in your hair on your way to and from work each day, read on for full details of my experience with these RBSM scooters!

RBSM Electric Sports Scooters Features & Specs

This image shows the scooter's handlebars with bell, hand brake, speedometer, battery level indicator, and accelerator
This image shows the scooter’s handlebars with bell, hand brake, speedometer, battery level indicator, and accelerator

These scooters have a lot of cool things going for them. Not only do they have a digital speedometer right there in the middle of the handlebars, but the screen also gives you a real-time reading of the remaining battery power—something that some very similar scooters require you to check an app to find out.

Other features of the RBSM scooters include a 250W motor that’s capable of propelling them to a top speed of 25Km/h (though the top speed I reached myself was 21Km/h), an up to 28 Km range per battery charge (though this depends on several factors), a foldable (and thus portable) design, a hand brake, a bell, a headlight, a brake light in the back, a rear suspension system, and a total weight of 13kg (just over 28.5 pounds) for the entire unit.

The footboard of the RBSM Electric Sports Scooter has a nice grippy surface for your shoes to grab onto

These scooters are also aesthetically pleasing and very intuitive and easy to use. I suspect that practically anyone could easily ride them without any difficulty at all, and if you’re using them for your work commute, there’s no reason to feel the least bit conspicuous because these scooters do not look like toys—they’re all business!

Hitting the Open road!

Here I am riding the scooter in a local, empty parking lot

Testing the RBSM scooters was a fun and eye-opening experience. Even though I had tested similar scooters once before, these ones have additional features that the previous models did not have (such as the digital speedometer). I’ll break down my usage experience:

RBSM Electric Scooters Unboxing Experience

Unboxing the RBSM scooters and readying them for use was a lot easier than expected. I’ve unboxed large items like these in the past (both bicycles and scooters), and boy was that a headache! So much tape, plastic, and zip ties everywhere, to say nothing of the assembly! But the RBSM scooters were out of the box and ready to ride in a matter of minutes. All I had to do was pull them up out of the styrofoam (which was rather messy because it kept crumbling into tiny pieces), unfold them, and attach the handlebars (a simple matter of screwing in 4 bolts using the included Allen wrench). The scooters even had a full battery charge in them already, allowing me to give them an immediate test ride. Very cool!

Top Speed Test

Somehow I managed to get this blurry image without killing myself while actually riding the scooter one-handed at 20Km/h

In my first open road test, I was able to achieve a top speed of 21Km/h with the scooters. Both of them could get to the same speed going down hill, but they usually topped out at 20Km/h on flat ground. I was rather impressed with this as I weigh approximately 220lb. and was still able to get them up to this speed. As my father-in-law was visiting at the time of this test, he took one scooter and I took the other, and we both got to 20Km/h in the big parking lot near my house.

Acceleration Test

My father-in-law won the race we had to test the acceleration of these scooters. He probably weighs 50-60 pounds less than I do, so this was not surprising. Even so, I could get up to speed just as quickly as he could if I gave a few push-off kicks (at least one such push is necessary for the electric motor to kick in anyway, but you can do a few kicks to get up to speed more quickly if you want to). Using just one or two kicks each, my father-in-law’s scooter definitely pulled ahead of mine though (and we tried switching scooters as well just to make sure that one wasn’t performing better than the other—everything really just came down to our respective weights).

Hill Climbing Test

The RBSM Electric Sports Scooters have a very powerful headlight for nighttime riding

The hill-climbing test didn’t go as well for me as it did for my father-in-law. I could pretty much only move at all by using some kicks to acquire and keep momentum, but my father-in-law was able to at least keep moving uphill even without any kicks—though not very fast. We ultimately decided that for any hill of a significant slope, kicking to push off is an absolute necessity. If the hill isn’t very steep, a lighter person may be able to keep moving, but it’s probably still going to be a pretty slow climb.

Braking Test

These cool (and well-equipped) scooters even have a kickstand

The brakes on these scooters work just fine, though I certainly didn’t stop on a dime—not that I really expected to. I basically found that the brakes on these scooters were much like those on a bicycle, with roughly the same amount of distance required to come to a complete stop from full speed. What’s truly impressive here, though, is that the RBSM Electric Sports Scooters actually use a dual braking system—with both disc brakes and an eABS regenerative anti-lock braking system that puts some power back into the scooter’s battery. You can see a photo of the rear tire with its disc brake at the very bottom of the page.

RBSM Electric Scooters Range Test

The range test is one area where I simply was not able to get a fully accurate idea of the distance that these scooters can travel on a single battery charge. This was partly because there are so many different factors involved in determining how fast the battery will drain. For example, while 28 Km is given as the maximum range one can expect to achieve, the actual results will depends on the rider’s weight, the quality and type of terrain you are riding on, and the amount of uphill and downhill driving you will do.

Shown is the RBSM Electric Sports Scooter’s charging adapter

In my own testing of these scooters, rather than ride in a straight line for miles and miles to see how far they would go, my father-in-law and I did laps in a huge, empty parking lot to see how long we could ride for. After about a half-hour of all-out riding and racing around, we were impressed enough with the scooters that we saw no need to continue—the battery level barely even went down during that time, and it was getting rather cold outside. Suffice to say, unless you live miles and miles from your workplace, these scooters are almost certain to get you there, and you can always let them charge up while you work so they’re fully charged again when it’s time to head home.

Examining the Video Evidence

Please take a minute or two to check out my brief video overview of the RBSM Sports Scooters. In it you’ll see the scooters up close, the scooters in action, and a funny-looking blogger who may or may not think his electric scooter is a Harley:

Final Thoughts and Recommendations on the RBSM Electric Sports Scooters

I was certainly very impressed with both of the RBSM scooters I tested. With 110 Kg (about 242.5 pounds) of weight capacity, even my 200+ pound frame was no match for these scooters. Though they did have trouble hauling me up the somewhat steep hill near my home, a less steep hill or a much lighter person would likely have little difficulty, and on flat terrain, they performed wonderfully! If your commute is rather flat, these scooters should have no trouble at all.

Shown is the back tire and disc braking system of the RBSM Electric Sports Scooters

If you want a more efficient way to get to work without having to sit in your car in rush hour traffic or navigate public transit, these scooters are certainly a nice option provided your commute is within a reasonable distance of your home. If you want a quick and easy way to get to the local park, church, convenience store, or a friend’s place—or you just want to be able to go out and enjoy a pleasant joy ride once in a while, these RBSM Electric Sports Scooters may well be for you!


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