If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift for either a young and active loved one or a friend or family member with a short work commute that could use a sweet ride to get there, today I’m looking at Hoverboards & other Electric Vehicles (like Scooters & Segways) to help your loved one get around or just have a lot of fun. I’ve tested a number of these vehicles myself and can assure you that they’re both safe and fun when used properly (i.e., always wear protective gear when riding). Read on for a few great examples of these amazing little vehicles. There’s sure to be something for the gift recipient on your shopping list!HoverboardsIf you want to give someone a straightforward hoverboard that’s ideal for just about anyone, something like the XPRIT SBW666 6.5″ HoverBoard with Bluetooth Speakers & LED Lights is a great choice. Recommended for users ages 7 and up, this board has a maximum weight capacity of 75 kg (165 pounds) and a top speed of 9.65 km/h, making it ideal for a wide variety of potential users.

It also has some great features going for it. These include built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity—meaning your gift recipient can listen to their favourite music, podcasts, and more as they cruise along on their ride.

With 6.5″ solid rubber tires, self-balancing capabilities, a UL2272 certification, and between 2 and 3 hours of running time on a full battery charge (for a range of roughly 6.44. km), this classic style board is well made and fully ready to tackle smooth, hard surfaces of all varieties. It’ll get your gift recipient to school, the corner store, or just out for a fun lap or two about the local cul-de-sac.


For a gift recipient that’s more the off-road type, there’s the 8 Inch Off Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth and Front Light. This heavy-duty board is not merely limited to smooth riding surfaces, but can also tackle the rough terrain of gravel trails and other rough roads. It’s 8 inch aluminum wheels feature solid rubber tires with deep treads that are perfect for off road use.

But that’s not all this hoverboard has going for it. It also features a hard ABS outer shell/casing, a 36V Lithium battery that provides power for up to 20 kms of riding range, dual LED lights for riding in the dark, and a maximum weight capacity of 120 kg (264 pounds). The recommended age for users of this board is 14 and up. Note that I have ridden a number of these boards myself and have yet to receive so much as a scratch or a bruise.

Another fun possibility is the Adjustable Go Kart HoverKart Stand Seat for 6.5/8/10 Inch Hoverboards. This particular device is not a hoverboard itself, nor does it come with one. Instead, it attaches to your existing hoverboard in a way that allows users to ride it sitting down. It basically turns your existing board into a cool go-kart that can do things like perform quick turns and pop-wheelies.

Made from high quality materials (Carbon steel) and adjustable to any rider’s height, this fun hoverboard add-on is sure to keep users enjoying their board in exciting new ways for a long way to come. Additional features of the HoverKart Stand include intuitive hand controls (like speed control and braking), a maximum weight capacity of 120 kg (264 pounds), and an upper speed limit of 12 km/h. There’s no doubt about it—any hoverboard enthusiast that adds this contraption to their existing ride is sure to have a whole lot of comfortably seated fun!

Another cool electric vehicle—and one that I have lots of personal experience with, is the break-down electric scooter. The WHEELSTER Electric Scooter W14 is just such an example of one of these fun machines. In fact, of all the vehicles I’m looking at today (aside from maybe the HoverKart Stand), an electric scooter is by far the easiest to ride safely and without incident.

Among the features of this slick WHEELSTER scooter are a pair of 8.5 inch wheels with durable rubber tires, a built-in 36V Lithium Ion battery (unfortunately the running time for this particular model is unspecified, but a range of 15-20 km per full battery charge would not be out of the ordinary), a top riding speed of 25 km/h, and it can hold a rider weighing up to 250 kg (which is well over 500 pounds).

In my own experience testing and riding these kinds of scooters, they do extremely well on flat ground and even going up minor hills. Of course, going down hill is never much of a problem—except maybe in breaking if you get a bit over enthusiastic with respect to speed. This scooter does feature a hand break, but you can’t stop on a dime if you’re zipping along at full speed down a hill.

Also, any hill of more than the slightest steepness is likely to present a problem unless you’re super light. The last time I tested a scooter (I actually had a pair of them), I had trouble going up hill, whereas my roughly 100 pound lighter father-in-law zipped up without much difficulty at all. Just something to keep in mind when purchasing one of these things, whether for yourself or as a gift to someone else.

Finally, I’d like to take a look at the Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Transporter. I have not ridden one of these devices as yet myself, but I can tell you that this one is self-balancing, which makes all the difference in the world when it comes to making riding easy. In fact, most hoverboards today are self-balancing as well. It’s pretty much their most standard feature.

Other features of this Segway include a super lightweight (just 12.7 kg) aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame, 10.5 inch pneumatic tires for a super smooth ride even on rocky roads, an IP54 waterproof rating (so no worries if the road is a bit wet), the Smart Battery Management System with a maximum battery life of up to 22 kms of range, and dual 350W motors providing a maximum riding speed of up to 16 km/h.

This particular Segway is also UL 2272 certified, has its own special app with all kinds of unique functions (including speed information, self-diagnosis of mechanical issues, and even theft prevention functionality). Although I have never tested a Segway before myself, I am quite impressed by the sound of this particular model!


And there you have it—a variety of excellent ride-on contraptions providing fun and functionality for riders of various ages. For even more Hoverboards & other Electric Vehicles, visit Best Buy Canada today. That’s it, that’s all. Happy Holidays!

Leonard Bond
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