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When you want to add the perfect accessory to your outfit, what do you reach for? Is it a beautiful necklace, or the perfect watch? Is it, perhaps, a Tissot watch that you know and love: something that has watched the years pass with you, and that will watch the time pass with you for years to come?

Tissot was founded in 1853, in a watchmaking town named Le Locle. Nestled in the Swiss-German Jura Mountains, this Swiss town has a proud history of creating quality timepieces. It carries this tradition on to today, with each leap of technology changing the town in turn. Watchmaking began in Le Locle all the way back in the 17th century, and it now boasts a UNESCO World Heritage status which reflects its rich history.

Women’s Tissot watches

TISSOT BELLA ORA PICCOLACharles-Emile Tissot founded the brand with his father, Charles-Félicien Tissot, and they began making women’s watches in the 19th century. These watches were spectacular: richly decorated pendant watches, made from fine materials and adorned with meticulous detailing.

The brand evolved as styles changed, but you can still see the origins of Tissot watches in their modern designs. Tissot continues to play with materials, highlighting their watches in beautiful tones of gold and allowing the subtle “T” engraved on their watch bands to show off their quality. A great example of this creative use of materials is the Tissot Bella Ora Piccola, which showcases a mother of pearl watch face in a delicate jewelry bracelet. Each watch face is unique, and kept safe behind a curved sapphire crystal. Some models are made with the mother of pearl watch face; others offer something simpler, with (for instance) a gold and silver stainless steel bracelet to steal the show instead.

TISSOT CARSON LADYFor a more minimalist design that’s backed with Swiss precision, the Tissot Everytime Medium offers the large, clean watch face that’s favoured today. Its varied finishes suit any style, and the fine detailing in its watch band are eye-catching and intricate.

You can see the spectacular quality of a women’s Tissot in the Everytime, or in models like the Tissot Carson Lady. Designed to last, this simple watch design is perfect for everyday wear. One of the things that makes Tissot watches such a classic is how many of their most popular designs focus on a simple, restrained sense of style: they’re luxury timepieces without being flashy.

Tissot watches for men

Tissot Carson PremiumThe everyday Tissot Carson Lady is mirrored in the simple Tissot Carson. This larger men’s model creates a wonderful echo in its his and hers varieties, making it a great gift to buy with your better half. The Carson offers a reliable watch with a sapphire watch face and 30 m water resistance, and it comes in many different finishes and designs. Each one delivers the same “core” design, but there are options for everything from a leather watchband to a sumptuous 18-carat gold case.

Vintage or contemporary, there is likely a Carson watch for you. And, if there isn’t, the brand offers sportier models in their chronograph and T-Touch lines! Rugged models like the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II are made for adventurers and avid explorers. This scratch-resistant watch has luminescent inscriptions on the bezel, and it offers a touch screen powered only by solar energy.

TISSOT T-TOUCH EXPERT SOLAR IIOther sporty models include the Tissot PRS 516 Chronograph, an eye-catching design inspired by classic racing cars. The PRS 516 is a beautiful choice for a runner or racer, and wears comfortably all day long… Until it’s time to slip into something a little more formal for dinner.

There are plenty of sporty, fashionable, and classic watches available in the Tissot line. Each model adds a whisper of luxury to your outfit, backed by Swiss design.

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