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Laptops are an investment. Even as the workforce shifts towards ever-greater mobility, slowly preferring more and more laptops over desktop computers, laptops are a big-ticket item that will ideally last for a while. They’re more likely to be damaged than desktop computers, as they follow us to so many places: bike rides to the office, the kitchen table after dinner, and (for those lucky enough to work remotely) perhaps even a peaceful beach cabana. Laptop accessories, like these Herschel laptop sleeves and bags, play a key role in extending the life of your device.

Why you need a great laptop sleeve

Let’s be honest. Even if we could afford to replace our laptops every year—and most of us can’t—it’s a pretty big hassle. It’s much easier to simply slide your current laptop into a stylish bag to keep it safe!

As far as laptops go, I’ve had pretty good luck with mine. I’m an Apple person, and thankfully, MacBooks are made pretty solidly. But even their sturdy aluminum cases can’t protect my laptop from everything, and they especially can’t protect my house from my own clumsiness. With a case, laptop bumps and thumps are no big deal. Without one… Well, I’ll admit to having dented my laptop against the floor, and (more frequently) my door frames, walls, and floors with the hard edges of my MacBook.

For me, a great laptop sleeve is an absolute necessity—if not to keep my laptop safe, then at least to keep other things safe from my laptop!

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Herschel laptop sleeves in basic black 

Herschel makes a wide variety of tech sleeves in different sizes and prints to suit any need. I personally like all of the the Herschel designs that Best Buy carries, but I think the most popular one will likely be the brand’s basic black.

I love prints and colours as much as the next person, but black is just easy. It goes with everything. A black case fits in just as well at a punk café-bar as it does in a business meeting with your CEO, and it hides spills and scratches like a champ.

This review features the Herschel Supply Co. Anchor lineup in Black, which includes an 8″ tablet sleeve, a 10″ tablet sleeve, and a 13″ laptop sleeve. The tablet sleeves are universal: the 7″/8″, for instance, fits everything from an Apple iPad Mini to a 7″ Kindle Fire. With soft siding and a squishy, padded interior, you don’t need a perfect fit to use a Herschel Laptop Sleeve; you just need something that’s the same dimensions as the case or smaller.

Herschel laptop sleeves come in a pretty wide range of sizes, but these three (7″/8″, 9″/10″, and 13″) are pretty standard. Each one has an exposed plastic zipper that pulls smoothly, and an opening lined with the brand’s signature striped fabric detail.

What I really love about these laptop and tablet sleeves, however, is their gorgeously plush fleece lined interior. It’s the same on every sleeve, and it is just exquisite! Sliding your hand into one of these bags feels like petting a black void. The fleecy lining creates a thick layer of protection around your device, and it’s so smooth and soft that you’ll never have to worry about scratches from the lining of your laptop or tablet bag.

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Fun and flirty Herschel Supply Co. laptop sleeves

I was lucky enough to test out the Herschel Supply Co. Anchor Laptop and Tablet Sleeve in a few other prints as well, in addition to the slightly larger Herschel Supply Co. Heritage 15.6″ Laptop Sleeve. These print and size variations are great if the basic black finish doesn’t suit your style or your needs, and each one carries over the same design elements that you read about above.

In these other Herschel Laptop Sleeves, you’ll find the same smooth zipper, fleece lining, and striped fabric detail. They’re just as well-made, plush, and protective as their colourless counterparts. The biggest difference, I think, is the Herschel Heritage styling: rather than a large Herschel Supply Co. label in the corner, you’ll notice a smaller label on a border, combined with a lash tab that’s become so iconic for the brand. (For those curious, lash tabs are those little slotted diamonds that you often see sewn onto backpacks. Also called “pig snouts,” they’re an homage to the past that allows you to “lash” extra gear onto your bag, like gym shoes or climbing equipment.)

I love the minimalist simplicity of Herschel’s grey Raven Crosshatch, the dusky pink tones of Ash Rose, and the understated florals of Blurry Roses. Each one seems so approachable—they’re stylish in a very accessible way. Herschel is a brand that’s great for students and young professionals (or older professionals, too), and these simple designs make it easy to see why.

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Herschel Gibson messenger bag and backpack review

Finally, I’m ending this review with a look at the Herschel Supply Co. Gibson 15.6″ Laptop Messenger Bag. Best Buy carries it in both Raven Crosshatch and Black, but these two designs are identical apart from their finish.

The Gibson is a bag that’s truly meant to do it all. It’s large enough for laptops up to 15.6″, and so spacious that you can even fit a 15″ laptop inside of a 15″ laptop bag in its laptop pocket. It has an interior padded sleeve to protect your laptop from bumps and scratches, and offers four different strap options. The double handles are easy to hold in your hand to carry it like a briefcase, but there’s also a removable shoulder strap that converts it into a messenger bag. If that’s not enough (if, for instance, you’re carrying your laptop, tablet, lunch, and a textbook), there are contoured backpack straps that can be pulled out and clipped together for better weight dispersion. Finally, if you’re travelling with additional luggage, this bag has a trolley sleeve that slips over your luggage handles.

The Herschel Gibson is made form lightweight materials, but I can definitely see it getting heavy with how much it can carry. As someone who mostly travels with two bags (one for my laptop, one for my luggage), let me just say: trolley straps are amazing when you can find them! They make walking around with two heavy bags so much easier, whether you’re walking from gate to gate or just staying within in the city.

On the Gibson, you’ll also enjoy an organized front compartment, padding on the shoulder straps, and that wonderful, padded, fleece lined laptop compartment.

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Which bag is right for me?

While laptop and tablet sleeves are great for streamlined protection within a bag, laptop messenger bags provide a little more when it comes to carrying capacity overall. Each of these sleeves serves a different size, function, or style to keep your tech tools safe.

My best advice? Find the size you need, and then pick whichever design calls to you the most in the moment. These simple, flexible designs do all the work for you!

Shop Herschel laptop sleeves and bags online now at Best Buy. 

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