A wide variety of great new men’s travel bags and accessories (designed and manufactured by Fossil) are now available at Best Buy!

Before getting started on individual bags & products, I just want to mention that there are links to many Best Buy’s Fossil products sprinkled throughout this blog. For example, if you’re not keen on the Fossil Estate 14” Messenger Bag (the one I feature below), you can always click on the included link to other Fossil Messenger Bags to see if one of those better suits your needs. Now, on with the blog and a series of travel scenarios!

First up, if you’ve recently purchased a brand new iPad tablet and want to keep it safe & secure during your travels while simultaneously making a bold statement of class and style, then the Fossil Tablet Easel iPad Leather Folio Case – In Dark Brown is the perfect accessory for you. It combines a rugged leather exterior with a soft polyester micro suede lining—the ideal combo for protecting your iPad against outward bumps and bangs while also securely cradling the exterior of your iPad (which is perfectly compatible with the micro suede lining) in delicate and luxurious softness. If you’re sporting a brand new iPad and lead a busy, on the go lifestyle, you really can’t go wrong with the Fossil Easel iPad Case!  


Maybe you have, instead, a more full-sized laptop that travels with you everywhere you go. If so, then a very fine choice of carrying bags is the Fossil Estate 14″ Laptop Messenger Bag – In Dark Brown. This bag  is a quality made piece using heritage fabrics and custom hardware. This includes waxed Calvary (100%) cotton twill as well as buckles featuring a vintage inspired design. Its integrated pocket is both padded (for extra laptop protection) and large enough to comfortably hold a 14” computer. The interior also features several additional pockets, including 3 slip types, 1 zip, and 3 pen holders. There’s even a credit card slot and an extra slip pocket hidden inside the flap, so you’ll have plenty of room for day-to-day necessities and important documents alike. Finally, the adjustable shoulder strap is designed for your absolute comfort, so this bag doesn’t just look good, but it also feels good on your shoulder! Of course, if this particular style isn’t quite working for you, you’ll find Best Buy’s other Fossil Messenger Bags HERE (there’s actually quite a good selection in this particular category!).

Quite possibly you appreciate both the function and form of a high quality leather wallet (billfold if you’re a bit old school)? If this sounds like you, then the Fossil Ingram Leather Trifold Wallet – In Black is an excellent choice! If you like to carry several cards (credit cards, membership cards, loyalty / rewards cards), then this slim trifold wallet with 8 card slots and 4 additional slip pockets has really got you covered as you head off into the busy world. Keep your cash handy, your receipts organized, and your cards ready for a quick draw at the local coffee shop! There’s even a proper ID window for your Driver’s License (or your Justice League Membership Card). Whatever you’re packing, wallet wise, it’ll all be ready for use and stylishly protected by this beautiful Fossil trifold. A number of additional Fossil Wallets, should you choose to forgo the trifold model, are readily available at the preceding link!

Ever spill coffee on your passport while waiting to board a flight? Ok, me either, but I have spilled coffee on just about everything else I own, including the computer I’m using right now. Baah, what a mess! Thank God for good keyboard gaskets!

In any case, if you’re the spilly type (like me), then consider investing in this stylish Fossil Classic Leather Passport Case – In Navy Blue. It’s a real beauty and it’ll keep your passport safe from a variety of accidents and incidents. In addition to holding your passport, it also has 5 card slots and 1 zippered compartment for documents that you had better not lose! Or damage! A couple of additional slip pockets really round out what I consider a top notch passport case. The navy blue colouring is simply beautiful, and I’ve got a feeling that this one feels as nice as it looks! Honestly, I want one myself!

The final product that I’d like to consider today is a very nice Fossil Leather Travel Shave Kit – In Black. If you’ve ever experienced the panic of frantic, last minute packing, you’ll really appreciate this convenient nylon kit!! Why, you may ask? Well, keeping all of your shaving gear and other small toiletries in one compact and portable place represents the pinnacle of convenience! In fact, doing things any other way is just plain haphazard. Not to mention bloody stressful! Before I got a very similar kit to this one I was forever running around the house at the last minute (before traveling) trying to gather my toothbrush, my electric shaver, my deodorant, my toothpaste, my floss, my comb & brush, my travel shampoo & conditioner, and any number of other small, personal hygiene products (as well as prescription medications) and invariably forgetting 1 or 2 truly essential items every single time that I later had to buy in the location of my ultimate destination. Or, sometimes the airport! What a hassle! Now, with my very similar to this portable shaving kit, I just leave everything in there always and never forget anything anymore. This kit is truly invaluable! A few (though not many) other Fossil Shaving Kits / Toiletry Bags are also available if you’d rather choose another model. All are great in my view!


And, there you have it—several great men’s travel bags & accessories by Fossil that are now available at Best Buy! Remember, if you’re liking the concept but wish to peruse Best Buy’s wider selection of Fossil products, the various search results are (mostly) all linked to above. The only exception is the passport case, of which there is currently only one other design available. You can see that HERE if you like. Additionally, the Fossil Tablet Easel iPad Leather Folio Case discussed at the top may be found within Fossil’s selection of messenger bags (linked to in the second product summary), so no separate link was included. That’s all for now. Have a great day!

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