Talisman astrological pendants

You can’t go wrong with gifting jewelry to your partner for Valentine’s Day. Make it extra special this year by showing them that you love them to the stars and back with a beautiful gold Talisman astrological pendant. Whether your Valentine is a Leo, Libra, Scorpio, or another zodiac sign, enter this contest today for a chance to win this special piece of jewelry they will love. 

Fine jewelry with a twist 

You don’t have to settle on fashion jewelry to give your Valentine a present out of the ordinary. Talisman astrological pendants are crafted in 10K gold so your loved one can cherish it for years to come. Proudly sitting on their neck or discretely completing an outfit, this pendant will quickly become a staple in their wardrobe and a gentle reminder of your love for them. 

Celebrate your Valentine’s zodiac sign

From Aries to Leo and Pisces, there’s a Talisman astrological pendant for every sign of the zodiac. Not only do these Talisman pendants depict the zodiac sign, but also its corresponding planet, constellation, stone, and lucky numbers, so your Valentine can always look up to it for guidance and luck. Learn more about the Talisman astrological pendants and how astrology works here.

How to enter 

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter twice.

  1. In a comment below this article, tell us which one of the lucky numbers showing on your sign applies most to you. Also, let us know if you already have jewelry with the precious stone that is embedded in the Talisman for your sign.
  2. For a bonus entry, send us an email to bestbuyblog@bestbuycanada.ca with the subject “Talisman astrological pendant contest”, and tell us who you would give a pendant to and what astrological sign they are. NOTE: Do not post that information below in a comment; you must send it Taurus Pendant in 10K Yellow Gold with Round Sapphirein an email for a valid entry.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we’ll randomly select one winner from all eligible entries, who will receive the Talisman astrological pendant of their choice.


This contest runs from January 24th to February 5th.

Remember you can enter up to two times as described above. Now don’t ruin the surprise by sharing this contest with your Valentine but do send it to your friends so they can enter for a chance to win too!

Win the Talisman Astrological Pendant Rules and Regulations

Good luck!

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  1. lucky numbers showing on your sign applies most to you is 7. I have no jewelry with any astrological nor month birthstone.

  2. Virgo:
    I guess 5 applies most as there are 5 children in my family. I currently do not have any jewelry with emeralds but would love to.

  3. I’m Virgo and 5 applies to me the most as it was part of my sports uniform number. I don’t have any jewelry with that stone.

  4. Capricorn – 3 . It was my high school volleyball team number. No I don’t have any jewellery with my birth stone.

  5. number 7 is a lucky number for me, though it’s not shown in my sign. I’d get a pisces pendant for my wife in the gold. She does have some amethyst jewelry and loves it.

  6. Strange that Libra is not the opal – that is our birthstone….my luckiest numbers are 2 and 8 which are both on the pendant:) I do not currently have any!

  7. Gemini .Lucky number is 3. For sure. My grandchildren are triplets. No i dont have that stone in any jewellry

  8. Number 4, Aries. I do not have anything with the red ruby stone. I always thought Aries was a light blue stone, which I still do not have.

  9. the 12 on gemini is my lucky number, has been since i was a kid and i was also born on the 12th. don’t have any topaz jewellery but it’s gorgeous and i would love to!

  10. Sagittarius – Lucky number 3 – Triad – Body + Soul + Spirit.
    Do not have jewelery with that stone.

  11. I am cancer my lucky number is four digit 2458. I dont have any pendant so it would be nice to have one with your zodiac 🙂
    Thanks you

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