Astrological zodiac signs are a hot topic right now. When I started writing here at Best Buy, birthday pendants really focused on birthstones. You know the ones: garnet for January, diamond for April, ruby for July, and so forth. But while birthstones are still a popular way to symbolize your personality and birth month, astrological signs have become more commonplace than ever. These Talisman astrological pendants mark a shift that I’ve been noticing for a while, into a fun, enthusiastic embrace of your zodiac sign.

I have friends who will wear their star sign on a piece of jewelry or pin. It’s common to be asked on a first date or at a party what my star sign is—if not also what my astrological moon and rising signs are. Some of my friends take their horoscope very seriously. Others use it as a fun talking piece, joking about how their traits align with their star sign and whether or not mercury is currently in retrograde.

How do star signs and astrology work?

Cancer Pendant in 10K Yellow Gold with Round EmeraldWow: that’s a lot to get into!

Astrology is a form of thought that involves predictions made about how the placement of celestial objects in relation to Earth affects us. Some people refer to it as a pseudoscience; others, a type of spirituality. It interprets the position of the stars and planets in the sky at the time of our birth and as time passes in an effort to guide us in our daily lives.

If you’ve ever heard that you’re a Cancer, or a Libra, or “such a Sagittarius,” or so on, then you’ve interacted with your astrological sign before. In astrology, your zodiac sign (sun sign), ascendant (rising sign), and moon sign predict certain things about your personality. Some people think that astrological signs and horoscopes are true and accurate, while others are more skeptical. Either way, they’re a fun, commonly-recognized way to express yourself.

What is an astrological pendant?

What I think makes astrological pendants so fun is that it really doesn’t matter if you or your giftee believe in them or not. Everyone has a birthdate, and with that birthdate, they automatically get assigned a star sign!

Whether someone chooses to wear an astrological pendant (which typically represents their sun sign to help guide them through life) for fun or as an expression of themselves, these pendants make great gifts for birthdays and big events.

What makes these Talisman astrological pendants stand out?

Leo Pendant in 10K Yellow Gold with 0.02ctw Round DiamondTalisman pendants are a step above most astrological necklaces that I’ve seen. Crafted in solid 10K yellow gold, these unisex pendants are more than a nod to your star sign—they’re a piece of fine jewelry that will last for your entire lifetime with proper care. Each pendant features its astrological sign as well as its corresponding planet, constellation, stone, and lucky numbers.

This collection’s Leo pendant (my star sign), for instance, features my astrological sign next to the Leo constellation. Leo was one of the earliest constellations to be recorded, and it represents a lion in more than one culture. This includes early Persian, Turkish, Indian, Greece and Babylonian cultures, but the list doesn’t end there. (In Ancient Greek lore, Leo represents the lion killed by Hercules during his twelve labours.)

Nestled next to the astrological constellation is a small brilliant-cut diamond, which is one of the gemstones associated with Leo. I was surprised by this, as peridot and ruby are more common birthstones for Leos… But I love how versatile diamonds are, so I’m certainly not complaining! Like all diamonds, these are sourced ethically through the Kimberley Process. The pendant reads “Leo” at the bottom, and on top, it lists 1, 5, 9, and 11—Leos’ lucky numbers.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your astrological sign or that of a loved one, these Talisman astrological pendants are a great way to do it. They’re ornately styled from high-quality materials, and packed with meaningful facets.

Shop Talisman astrological pendants online at Best Buy today.

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