If you’re shopping for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, Best Buy has a great selection of jewelry and watches to make the day extra special. From timeless diamonds for longtime lovers to small accessories for new relationships, there’s something perfect for every kind of partner.

For those of us who get to enjoy their first-ever Valentine’s Day with a new partner, make sure to check in with them beforehand. Everyone’s expectations for big events are a little different, and talking about it in advance doesn’t take away from the magic—it just makes it easier to ensure that you’ll both enjoy the day equally.

Personally, I like to keep my Valentine’s Day plans small. My partner and I celebrate with flowers and a fancy, homemade dinner to avoid the crowds, and I seize the opportunity to exchange gifts and cards with a few close friends, too.

Eye-catching Valentine’s Day pendants

Classic Pendant with White Pearls and 0.13ctw White Diamonds on a 17" Rose Gold Chain

One of the things that I love about Best Buy’s jewelry selection is that it has a great range. Pendant necklaces start at an accessible price point, which means that the final decision is up to you. You can select the perfect item that’ll fit your unique style, budget, and situation.

For eye-catching Valentine’s Day pendants, I like to recommend fine jewelry—but don’t be afraid to explore different colours and gemstones. While diamonds offer a fiery sparkle, different colours of lab-created sapphire have become a popular choice for capturing a similar effect. From trendy halos to rose gold pendant necklaces, there are plenty of styles that are classic with just a little bit of a romantic, modern twist.

Another great option for Valentine’s Day is a necklace that features pearls rather than traditional gemstones or heart shapes. Like designs that feature gemstones in the centre, many styles of pearl necklaces are both flexible and formal. They’re a little less situational than a romantic, heart-shaped necklace, providing a way to say “I love you” that can truly be worn all year long.

Attention-grabbing diamond earrings for Valentine’s Day

Halo Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver with Red Oval Created Ruby, 0.04ctw Diamond & Created Sapphire

Diamond earrings are another classic, can’t-go-wrong gift idea. (Well, you can go very wrong with them… But only if you misjudge whether or not your parter has pierced ears!) Diamond studs, for instance, are timeless and simple, and a great set of diamond stud earrings can last you a lifetime.

Fiery designs like diamond, sapphire, and ruby dangle earrings draw the eye in from a distance. They’ll look great on your partner over a candlelight dinner, and will sparkle and glow even in the soft lights.

What’s most important to me (and many other shoppers) when it comes to buying diamonds is their background. Best Buy sources all of their diamonds through the United Nation’s Kimberley Process, so your gift comes guilt-free. The Kimberley Process tracks and documents each step of the diamond’s journey starting at its origin, ensuring that each one is conflict-free. And, because each and every one of the diamonds in Best Buy’s curated selection of jewelry pieces are conflict-free, you can shop the entire selection with confidence. (This ruby and sterling silver set comes in deep blue sapphire, too!)

Watches and timepieces to celebrate your time together

Citizen World Chronograph dress watch

If you love celebrating, why not make a full day of it? Chocolates, roses, and matching timepieces are fun, on-the-nose way to celebrate your time together. Plus, there’s nothing better than your date showing up in a great dress watch: nothing says “I’m going to charm your socks off” like arriving on time and giving you both a good reason not to look at the clock!

Look for watches with sapphire faces to minimize scratches, and invest in a watch with water and dust resistance so that your watch will look great for years to come. Water and dust resistance is a common feature in most modern watches, so it shouldn’t be hard to find. If your Valentine lives an active lifestyle (or just lives in a rainy city), make sure to keep an eye on the difference between “water resistant” and “splash resistant,” too.

While I think a silver-banded dress watch makes a great Valentine’s Day gift, I know it’s not a style that suits everyone. For more options, browse Best Buy’s selection of Men’s watches, Women’s watches, or smartwatches that your loved one can customize at home.

When gifting a watch, I like to focus on presentation. Keep all of your packaging intact, then wrap carefully and add a simple, luxurious bow on top with satin ribbon.

Think outside of the box for your Valentine’s Day gifts

Best Buy has a wide selection of watches for her and jewelry for him this Valentine’s Day, too.

Men’s watches, sadly, are rarely offered in rose gold (which we know is made by blending a higher percentage of copper into a gold base), but the finish is easy to find in lines marketed primarily to women. Brands like Fossil, Apple, and Bulova do a great job of mixing rose gold with other metals and finishes to create delicate, playful rose gold smartwatches that are perfect in pink for Valentine’s Day.

On the other side of things, there are some great options for larger wrists when you shop men’s jewelry. This stunning rope chain bracelet in 14K yellow gold is no exception. With interesting, twisted gold links and a chunkier design that compliments wider forearms, it’s a beautiful design right down to its intricate spring-ring clasp.

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift varies by person. Maybe it’s a shimmering necklace; maybe it’s a co-op game you can play together. Either way, make sure to explore a wide selection of jewelry and other Valentine’s Day gifts at Best Buy to find the perfect gift for your special someone.

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