valentine's day gift ideas

If you’re shopping for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, it’s not too late! Best Buy has a great selection of jewelry and watches to make the day extra special. If you’re celebrating the holiday with someone for the first time, make sure you check in with them beforehand to figure out what both of you expect. Gifts, flowers, and dinner aren’t mandatory in the broad scheme of the world… But they might be non-negotiable for your honey!

Personally, I like to keep my Valentine’s Day plans small. My partner and I celebrate with flowers and dinner at home to avoid the crowds, and we leave Valentine’s Day jewelry as an option for big events like birthdays instead. February 14th is pretty close to another major celebration for us, so I send my beautiful Valentine’s Day finds on to friends who celebrate instead.

(Someone has to appreciate all of the sparkly, romantic trinkets, after all!)

Eye-catching Valentine’s Day pendants

valentine's day jewelryOne of the things that I love about Best Buy’s jewelry selection is that it has a great range. Pendant necklaces start at an accessible price point, which means that the final decision is up to the consumer. You can pick what fits your style, budget, and situation the best, so you’re always making a purchase that works for you.

For eye-catching Valentine’s Day pendants, I like to recommend fine jewelry — if you have the budget for it. Select something with a delicate chain, and don’t be afraid of mixing your metals or gemstones. For Millennials and other early adults, white sapphires are an extremely popular choice. They offer a sparkle that’s comparable to that of a diamond, but at a lower cost. Other popular choices include rose gold finishes and morganite centre stones, as in this beautiful 10K Morganite Halo Necklace.

I love the versatility of pendant necklaces, but I am but one tiny person in this very large world! If your partner doesn’t wear necklaces, or can’t be trusted with fine jewelry because they chronically lose, break, and fling things across the room, demi-fine and fashion jewelry pieces are a great option, too. Look for eye-catching items like chunky statement rings, colourful bracelets, and any other quirky finds that might catch the eye of the person you’re wooing. sta

Attention-grabbing diamond earrings for Valentine’s Daydiamond studs valentine's day

Diamond earrings are one of those classic, can’t-go-wrong gift ideas. (Well, you can go very wrong with them… But only if you misjudge whether or not your parter has pierced ears. Make sure to double check; I’ve guessed incorrectly in the past!) They’re timeless and simple, and a great set of diamond earrings can last you a lifetime.

Cluster, pendant, and hoop-shaped diamond earrings can be attention-grabbing and lovely, but simple studs are unparalleled. They go with any outfit, and look great no matter what the occasion is.

Best Buy’s JGJ Studs are a great place to start when it comes to shopping for diamond earrings. Each stud is crafted in scratch-resistant 14K white gold, and hand set with a G-H near colourless diamond. The studs come in 0.15ctw0.25ctw, and 0.50ctw sizes, letting you scale your purchase to fit your lifestyle.

What’s most important to me (and many other modern shoppers) when it comes to buying diamonds is their background, and Best Buy sources all of their diamonds through the United Nation’s Kimberley Process. The Kimberly Process tracks and documents each step of the diamond’s journey starting at its origin, ensuring that each one is conflict-free. And when you’re making your selection, don’t be afraid to look outside the box. The perfect Valentine’s Day earrings might just be made from a beautiful, rose gold vermeil!

Watches and timepieces to celebrate your time together

Fossil Gen 5 CarlyleIf you love celebrating, why not make a full day of it? Chocolates, roses, and matching timepieces are a very on-the-nose way to celebrate your time together (pun fully intended). I love a confident partner wearing a chic dress watch—the right watch always gives off a fantastic “I’m incredibly capable” vibe.

Look for watches with sapphire faces to minimize scratches, and invest in a watch that’s IP 67 water and dust resistant so that your watch will look great in five, ten, or even twenty years. Water and dust resistance is a common feature in most modern watches, so it shouldn’t be hard to find!

While I think a silver-banded dress watch makes a great Valentine’s Day gift, I know it’s not a style that suits everyone. For more options, opt for a minimalist watch with an interchangeable leather band, which will often come in his & hers versions. Or, for a more technologically-inclined partner, select a simple smart watch for lots of versatility. I’m a big fan of smartwatches from Fossil! They’re very durable with great battery life, and their charging mechanism is super sleek. Instead of a bulky charging base, they simply magnetize a thin charging pad to the back of the watch overnight.

When gifting a watch, I like to focus on presentation. Keep all of your packaging intact, then wrap carefully and add a bow. I’m a bit of a classic romantic, so I often opt for roses as a pairing — red for a romantic relationship, and yellow for my friends.

Watches in other metals

kate spade new york Scallop 2 42mm Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor - Rose Gold

Best Buy has a wide selection of watches for her this Valentine’s Day, too. Like other sectors of workwear, women’s-style options tend to come in a broader variety of styles and finishes.

Men’s watches, for instance, are rarely offered in rose gold (which we know is made by blending a higher percentage of copper into a gold base), but the finish is easy to find in women’s fashion. Rose gold can be visually “heavy” at the size of a watch (it’s more common in smaller pieces, like rings and fine necklaces), but brands like Fossil and Bulova do a great job of mixing rose gold with other metals and finishes.

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift varies by person. Maybe it’s a shimmering necklace; maybe it’s a co-op game you can play together. Either way, make sure to explore a wide selection of gifts this Valentine’s Day!