The ability to transform your look from day to night is a true skill. And as a city girl, I like to think I’ve mastered it. From packing a light makeup bag for work, to strategically choosing outfits that are easy to transform, I know exactly how to minimize my ‘baggage’ while maximizing my style. Unfortunately, that’s also meant I’ve had to opt for a different outfit than the one intended for the night. Never fun! So now, instead of planning outfits, I plan the jewelry pieces I’ll wear and work my wardrobe around that.

This simple mentality switch has opened my eyes to a new way to transform my look from day to night. And, better yet, has allowed me to have some fun with bold jewelry pieces. Lately I’ve been all about the Robert Lee Morris Basics collection, and in my opinion, no other set makes quite a statement like the following three pieces.

Robert Lee Morris Basics Jewelry Pieces

Robert Lee Morris Jewelry Pieces Available Best Buy

I was initially struck by this silver-plated collection because the blue faceted stones perfectly matched my hair. However, I’ve continued coming back to them thanks to their unique day to night versatility.

Truthfully at first glance, the Robert Morris Lee jewelry pieces appear far too elegant for daywear. But, with a bit of imagination, they can add a serious oomph to your style. While the statement piece of this collection is the Faceted Stone Y-Shaped Necklace, I love that the bangle and earrings add a subtle elegance to any given outfit. And with easy to use closures, I’ll never struggle to put on a jewelry piece alone again.

How To Style Bold Jewelry For Day

best buy how to style jewelry for day and night

The key to making this jewelry set suitable for work is to keep it subtle. Instead of wearing the necklace, I chose to accentuate my outfit with the Blue Faceted Stone Silver Stud Earrings and Modern Silver Plated Wrap Bangle. By doing so, when I throw on the necklace for the night out, it will make a true impact.

I’m lucky enough to work in a PR office that totally embraces individual style so I;ve gone casual. I’ve paired the Robert Lee Morris bangle and earrings with a pair of simple black culottes, white body suit, and funky black blazer. However, those who find themselves in a strict work environment could swap the bodysuit for a blouse and sophisticated blazer. Truthfully, no matter how they are styled they instantly elevate your outfit.

How To Style Bold Jewelry For Night

best buy how to style jewelry for day and night

In order to transform this look for happy house, I simply part ways with my black blazer and throw on the stunning Faceted Stone Y-Shaped Necklace. The necklace adds drama to the simple outfit thanks to its Y-shaded design, and the blue stones shine against the white bodysuit. Although I was first hesitant to pair all three pieces together, I love the way their unique and varying shapes play off each other. And truthfully, I think the look would be incomplete without all three pieces.

Have you ever considered styling your day to night look around a jewelry set? If so, which jewelry set would you choose? Shop the unique jewelry pieces available at Best Buy and let me know your favourites!

Amy McKissock
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