Today we take a look at some really fun fashion watches that are currently available at Best Buy. Whether it’s Men’s Watches you’re after, or Women’s Watches, Best Buy has you covered with a multitude of attractive Fall options from a variety of popular brands. For a general discussion of what constitutes a fashion watch (along with a look at a few examples that I personally find very interesting), just keep on reading.


What are Fashion Watches?


Fashion watches tend to be brand name watches (sometimes named after designers, such as Kenneth Cole) that tailor their designs to the latest fashion trends and popular styles. They run on highly accurate Quartz movements and are often characterized by minimalist (frequently elegant) designs. In recent years, trends have tended towards larger sizes and the use of a variety of materials and colours. In fact, there is so much variety in the current world of fashion watches that you can practically have any style or design that you can imagine. In other words, if you can visualize it, it probably exists somewhere.



What fashion watches are typically not are mechanical and automatic watches that tend to have more credibility among collectors and enthusiasts due to their nature as purely mechanical devices. However, most people do not necessarily need a mechanical timepiece. Although fun and appealing in their own right, mechanical watches require more care than their Quartz counterparts, and they run the gamut from very affordable to extremely expensive. Most people that are into mechanical watches value them largely for their old world ingenuity, although they are not nearly as accurate as Quartz based pieces.


If your main reason for wanting a watch is as a daily wear timepiece that will help you to get to work on time and not be late for meetings, a Quartz based movement is likely all you require (and mostly likely your best bet). If you also like to match your watches to outfits and try to keep up a spiffy appearance, a fashion watch might be the most reasonable option for you. Many people like to own a few different watches so that they’ll have a piece for every occasion. This, of course, is a personal decision and not at all necessary for everyone. If you choose the watch (or watches) you like and enjoy them for what they are, you really can’t go wrong.


Men’s Fashion Watches


The first example of a stylish men’s watch that really jumped out at me when I started perusing the Best Buy website was this beautiful Fossil Minimalist 44mm Men’s Casual Watch (in grey). What I immediately liked about this watch was the uncluttered dial featuring a “small seconds” sub dial at the 6 O’Clock position. Other key features of this piece include a stainless steel case, 50m of water resistance, and a comfortable leather strap. Because this watch comes in at a rather large 44mm (dial diameter), it may feel a bit too large for those with smaller wrists, although, as I mentioned above, larger watches are all the rage these days. For myself, this is one of my favourite watches that I found, and I can definitely pull off the 44mm size. Overall, it’s a real beauty of a piece.



Another interesting model in the men’s department is the Calvin Klein Control Chronograph Blue Dial Men’s Watch. This watch has a little something extra going for it over most other fashion watches: it happens to be a chronograph, meaning you can specifically time things like a hike or cooking a pizza. Featuring a stainless steel case and blue carbon fibre dial (with matching leather strap), this watch is as sturdy as it is attractive. What’s particularly unique, however, is its bullhead design (the crown and pushers are on the top of the watch, at the 12:00 O’Clock position, rather than on the side, or the 3:00 O’Clock position, where they typically would be). This is a very sleek layout! Additionally, this watch has luminous hands and hour markers to allow for easier use in low light conditions, and, best of all, it features highly accurate Quartz timekeeping and a water resistance rating of 100m (which is really quite impressive for a chronograph).



Finally, on the men’s side of the ledger, we have the Nixon Corporal SS 48mm Men’s Casual Watch, which I had occasion to try out (and review) myself a short time ago (the video evidence may be found on its Best Buy product page). This fully stainless steel watch features a cool blackout design and 100 metres of water resistance for durability during everyday wear. It’s also a really cool looking piece with one of the more unique bracelet designs that I have ever come across (you can actually see that in the video). It’s also really big, which may not appeal to everyone, but certainly does fit in with modern watch sizing trends. If you’re looking for a fun and attractive watch with its own bold and unique character, you certainly can’t go wrong with this (or pretty much any) Nixon timepiece.


Women’s Fashion Watches


On the ladies side of the aisle, they don’t come much more stylish than this Skagen Signatur 26mm Women’s Casual Watch (in silver and white). Smart and sophisticated, this watch features a matte white dial and steel mesh strap with an elegant T-bar case-attachment. Battery powered and regulated by Quartz, this watch won’t just have you looking good, but it’ll also keep you on time for all your important appointments without requiring a lot of upkeep. I personally just love the styling of this piece, and, for that matter, most Skagen watches. They have an elegance and simplicity that just makes you want to wear them. Refined and understated at once, it just doesn’t get much better than this.



Another fine example of an exceptional ladies fashion watch is the Bulova Crystal 21.5mm Women’s Analog Dress Watch (with Swarovski crystals, and in silver with pink mother of pearl). This absolute stunner features accurate Quartz timekeeping, a 21.5mm stainless steel case, and a scratch resistant mineral glass crystal. With 30m of water resistance, this watch certainly isn’t meant for swimming, but it is perfect for any formal or semi-formal occasion. Its beautiful mother-of-pearl dial and 81 hand-set Swarovski crystals give it some serious bling, yet it doesn’t come across as gaudy. With its delicate bracelet and uncluttered dial, this brilliant Bulova has a class and elegance that are certainly difficult to match.



Finally we have the Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Ashfield 28mm Women’s Watch (in rose gold). If timeless and classic are your style, you’ll simply love this truly exceptional piece. With an ultra-thin profile of only 6mm thick and gorgeous matte black mesh strap, this watch is both light and comfortable enough for virtually any occasion. Whether you choose to wear it in a business setting, for a formal occasion, or during a casual encounter, this watch is completely at home no matter the circumstance. Complete with its gorgeous black dial and rose gold detailing, you’re going to look like a million bucks in this watch, without ever spending anywhere near it! Of the three ladies watches discussed here today, I’m pretty sure this one is my favourite.



Final Thoughts

As you can see, beautiful and highly functional fashion watches are extremely easy to find at Best Buy. Unfortunately, there are far too many excellent models for me to cover in a single article. All the more reason for you to go and check a few of them out for yourself. Happy shopping!

Also, keep an eye out for an 11 piece watch review that I’ve got coming along very soon. It features both men’s and women’s fashion pieces, and I’m smack in the middle of writing it right now.


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