Did you know that Bulova made the only privately owned watch that travelled to the moon? Commander Dave Scott wore his own Bulova Lunar Chronograph on the Apollo 15 mission that launched on July 26th, 1971. That mission captivated television audiences who watched history unfold. Now, Best Buy is giving you a chance to win a piece of history: the prize for this contest is the re-edition Bulova Moon Watch, a replica of that historic watch that was designed for a walk on the moon.

Bulova designed this watch to withstand lunar conditions

NASA gave US government approved watches to every astronaut in the 1960’s and 70’s. However, the crystal face of the government issue watch worn by Commander Scott broke off just before he was to exit the Lunar module to walk on the moon. So, he used his personal backup, the Bulova Lunar Chronograph—and history was made!

That watch was customized to withstand astronomical conditions and it certainly did that, surviving the harsh conditions and returning to Earth, a little worn, but working. It eventually was sold at auction for over $1.6 million (US).

Updated and re-issued keeping history alive

You probably are already aware that every Bulova watch is special. I fell in love with mine the moment I saw it in a jewelry store—I was very happy when I saw the exact same watch online at Best buy for a much lower price and am glad to have bought it—even if it isn’t a Moon Watch!

The modern version of the Bulova Moon Watch is very similar to the original. Here they are side-by-side:

As you can see there are a few differences (notably the date window on the bottom right of the re-edition) but they are almost identical. I love that they kept the elongated pushers instead of the traditional button pushers of most Bulova watches. It’s vintage, historic, and incredibly functional by keeping time like few other watches can. And it can survive tough conditions. Though you might not take it to the moon, it is rated for up to 50 metres underwater!

Of course, you can just purchase this watch or one of the many fashion watches at Best Buy. Or you can enter this contest for a chance to win one to make your story of how you ended up with a Moon Watch a bit more interesting.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below, tell us what you like most about Bulova watches. Do you have a special “Bulova” story? Let us know in a comment for a chance to win.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will draw one winner from all eligible entries to receive a Bulova Moon Watch.

This contest runs from December 4th until December 16th.

Remember you can only enter once but you probably know someone who loves history, or loves watches, and you should share this contest with them, so they too have a chance to win.

Win a Bulova Moon Watch Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck.


  1. I like that Bulova watches are high quality and have various special features. I also like that Bulova has interesting stories such as that Commander Dave Scott wore his own Bulova Lunar Chronograph on the Apollo 15 mission.

  2. They never really go out of style that is why I love them and still wear the one my dad gave me on my 16th birthday

  3. I drive long haul across North America, have seen this Canada and the US from coast to coast and top to bottom. Have driven in all types of weather, some good, some not so good. Have used many watches, non seem to be able to withstand all temperatures or last long enough…usually just past the warranty period, then that’s it. Comfort is extremely important to me, as I sit and drive for no less than 11 hours per day. If I am constantly having to adjust the watch on my wrist, it is a major distraction. I have never worn one of these beautiful watches. But from my research, they seem to be very comfortable. If this watch can make it to the moon and back, I’m sure it can make it from Toronto to El Paso and back. Thank you for taking the time to read this short note…be safe and Merry Christmas…

  4. I remember my grandfather owning a few Bulova watches, wore it everyday! They’re exceptional and very well made. They’ll always be a special item to me.

  5. Bull a stands for quality and prestige, which would make it an awesome gift for my childhood friend who loves watches.

  6. Bulova is a name that I always associate with quality. It also reminds me of my grandfather because he wore one on his wrist right up until the day he passed away.

  7. I love Bulova because they make the highest quality & most fashionable timepieces in the world. Anyone would love to own one. Now I hope it will be me.

  8. This Bulova watch looks like it can do a lot more than tell time. I’d have to accessorize it with a fighter jet.

  9. I’ve unfortunately never had the pleasure of owning my own Bulova watch but I would love to because I have heard many reviews of how they make such a high quality watch. They are beautiful, classy and elegant.

  10. This Bulova watch has styling that has been verified as ‘Out of this World’. That’s makes it even better than ‘World Class’. Great Scott, if I won I’d be OVER THE MOON.

  11. I saw my first rolex on the big screen with Timothy Dalton as James Bond in Licence to Kill, ever since, I have always wanted a watch like that.

    • I first learned about Bulova watches reading about the space program and It was Dave Scott, commander of Apollo 15. During the six Apollo landing missions, two Omega Speedmasters broke, and Scott’s was one of them. I believe the glass popped off on day 2 of exploration. So on the third day, he took his personal “Bulova” onto the surface with him

  12. Last Christmas my loving husband totally surprised me by giving me the most beautiful Rose Gold Bulova ladies watch for my gift!
    You should have seen my face, I was so surprised. What a beautiful gift to give me after 51 years of marriage. I thank-you Bulova both for the watch and my husbands kindness and thoughtfulness towards me {*_*}
    “I ❤️ you both”

  13. Wow. It actually looks amazing. Reminds me of the brietling Navimeter, which is a 12 thousand dollar watch, yet the design is a fraction of the price. Sure it’s not automatic, but at this price point it even has a sapphire crystal. Good luck to everyone.

  14. What I like most about Bulova watch is the fact that it can withstand lunar conditions. Not that I am going to travel to moon; I just find this fun fact very impressive. Also this watch is stunning.

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