betsey johnson jewelry glitter rose necklace and earrings available at best buy

Ever since I was a tween I’ve been obsessed with Betsey Johnson. Her personal style is often considered ‘out there’, but I’ve always appreciated her playfulness and use of colour. Whether dressed in a pink tutu or her famous horizontal stripes, she’s bound to make a statement. And that feminine, whimsical attitude translates to both her clothing collection and jewelry designs.

Recently, Best Buy began carrying a selection of Betsey Johnson jewelry and watches. And I had the opportunity to style a few of the pieces this week. So today, I’m sharing a few of my favourite designs! And not only do they each make for a great Valentine’s Day gift for the special someone in your life, they are totally affordable!

Betsey Johnson Jewelry Earrings and Necklace Arrive At Best Buy

Betsey Johnson Glitter Rose Necklace & Earring Set

betsey johnson jewelry glitter rose necklace available at best buy

The first piece I fell in love with was a matching set of pink glitter rose earrings and necklace. I instantly knew the beautiful rose-coloured glitter in the Betsey Johnson Glitter Rose Studs would look stunning against my vibrant blue hair. Both pieces are adorned with a faux pearl, faceted bead, and rose-coloured crystal accent, but remain edgy and sophisticated.

And although I don’t typically opt for gold-tone jewelry, there was something about the Betsey Johnson Glitter Rose Necklace that was begging to be paired with a leather jacket. I love how flirty these pieces are together, but it’s a bonus that they are sold separately because each one is a statement piece on their own. Plus, I would totally mix and match them with other items currently in my jewelry collection.

Betsey Johnson Jewelry Glitter Rose Stud Earring and Necklace at Best Buy

And true to the whimsical nature of Betsey Johnson Jewelry designs, the rose details on the Glitter Stud Earrings are inverted, creating a playful look. I’m totally obsessed with the way the outfit turned out, despite typically straying from pink!

Betsey Johnson Basics Heart & Skull Stud Earrings

Betsey Johnson Jewelry Heart and Skull Earring Set at Best Buy

The sixteen-year-old in me is dying of envy over these Betsey Johnson Heart & Skull Earrings. Although I would still totally wear them now, over a decade later! But seriously, as a former punk kid, this set of earrings is right up my alley. Featuring a silver-tone and slight shimmer thanks to a set of round-cut, pave-set cubic zirconia gemstones, they are the epitome of Betsey Johnson. Edgy with a little sass hidden in the smile of the skull. And despite being listed as a set of two earrings I would totally mix and match the heart and skull to create a third set. Or fourth, if you like me have two ear piercings.

Betsey Johnson Basics Ladybug Stud Earrings

Betsey Johnson Jewelry Basic Bug Earring at Best Buy

Finally, there’s the Betsey Johnson Basics Bug Earrings, which feature an adorable blue ladybug. Again, this pair of earrings perfectly complements my hair colour with the ladybug body being made of a translucent teal/blue coloured crystal. They feature gold-tone wigs, which are also adorned with multi-sized glitter accents giving them a sparkle. And might I add, this ladybug has two beady black eyes! Too cute! And while with that said, I personally feel they are too kitschy for myself, I can imagine gifting them to a number of my cousins, and even a few close friends!

I can’t wait to further explore the Betsey Johnson jewelry collection available at Best Buy! What pieces are making it on your Valentine’s wish list? Share your favourites from the wide selection of Betsey Johnson jewelry with me in the comment section below!

Amy McKissock
Amy McKissock is the blogger behind the Toronto based fashion and beauty blog, Bratty B. She is dedicated to bringing her readers regular inspiration through outfit posts, beauty reviews, and photo diaries, all while staying true to her monochromatic philosophy. When not blogging she can be found exploring the city in hopes of stumbling upon the next hot spot. Follow her adventures on Instagram, @brattyb.


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