Revitive Medic with remote control

Pain management technology has improved the way we are able to take care of our bodies. The Revitive Medic circulation booster is designed to relieve foot and leg pain, reduce swelling, and aid muscle recovery from the comfort of your own home. As someone who is physically active and always looking for ways to manage muscle pain and tension, I was really interested to see the effects this product could have. Let’s see how it works and whether it truly makes a difference.

What comes in the box?

  • Revitive Medic
  • User’s manual
  • Power adapter
  • Remote control
  • Electrode pads
Revitive Medic box beside Revitive Medic unit with User's manual, power adapter and remote control

How does the Revitive Medic work?

The Revitive Medic circulation booster uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), a technology known for its muscle strengthening and pain management benefits. It works by stimulating muscle contractions by applying electrical pulses through small pads placed on the targeted muscles. This can help strengthen muscles or relieve pain, and can also help prevent injuries. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you are experiencing pain, speak to a healthcare professional before trying out any sort of at-home therapy.

Testing the Revitive Medic

This circulation booster can be used for different muscles around the body, but it is mainly used for leg and foot pain and circulation. The Revitive is not wireless so in order to use it, it does have to be plugged into the wall using the power adapter that comes in the box. Batteries for the remote control are included, so make sure to put those in before you start using it.

How to use the foot pads

Once it is plugged in and you are ready to use it, all you have to do is put your feet on the foot pads and press the power button either on the Revitive Medic itself, or on the remote control. You will know it is on when you hear a beep, and you will see 30 minutes appear on the screen in the middle of the device. When first turning it on, the intensity level will be at zero, so you will have to adjust it to your preference by using the remote or by pressing the + button in the centre (between the foot pads). The timer will start to count down. Sit with your legs at 90 degrees and let the Revitive Medic do its thing. It is important to know that in order to get the best results, you do have to place your feet on the unit without anything on your feet such as socks or slippers. 

How to use the electrode pads

Revitive Medic electrode pads and remote control

The Revitive Medic doesn’t just focus on feet and leg pain. As mentioned earlier, it comes with small electrode pads that can be placed on different parts of the body such as your arms, back, or thighs. To use them, first connect the electrode cord into the Revitive Medic unit. You will notice that the end of the cord splits into two ends, each of which connect to an electrode pad. Then, remove the clear cover from the pads and stick them to the body part you want to focus on. Make sure to read the manual first to learn which muscles are safe to place the pads on. Once they are all set up, you can adjust the intensity using either the remote control or the buttons right on the Revitive itself. 

My experience with the Revitive Medic

I am a relatively active and healthy individual. However, I do experience mild muscle pain—especially after exercising. That is why I was really excited to use this product, although I will admit I was not quite sure what to expect. I thought it would feel more like a massage on my muscles, but that wasn’t the case. The electrical stimulation feels more like a tingling, and at first, it felt really strange when my muscle would contract. That took some time getting used to, but after a few minutes, it didn’t bother me at all. I would use it after a long day or after a workout—and it did really help with muscle soreness. 

The first piece that I tried were the foot pads. For the foot pads you don’t need to attach anything to your body, which was nice. I was able to just sit on my couch and watch TV for the 30-minute session. When using the foot pads, I felt the electrical pulses in my calves the most. I don’t have too much pain in my legs, so I didn’t feel any different after using the product. However, given the intensity levels that it can go up to, I do believe it would help anyone who is having muscle pain in their legs and feet. 

I suffer from lower back pain, so I thought I would give the pads a shot—and I really liked them. I was pleasantly surprised afterwards when my back pain wasn’t nearly as bad as it usually is. I turned the intensity of the electrodes up to about a 20 and it was manageable. Anything higher than that was a little uncomfortable to me so my suggestion would be to slowly increase the intensity to see what you are comfortable with.

Who is the Revitive Medic for?

Overall, I think the Revitive Medic will be beneficial for someone who may be experiencing mild muscle pain. I found it very easy to use, and the manual provides clear instructions on its use and precautions. I would recommend it to individuals looking to relieve muscle pain, but only after talking to your doctor first.

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