If you want to get outside and be more active this spring and summer—along with inspiring your whole family to do the same, there are a number of great fitness tech gadgets and devices that can help you out tremendously. These include things like Wearable Tech (such as Fitness Trackers), Bicycles, and Scooters.

In the hopes of getting you thinking about fun ways to get outside and get fit this spring and summer, today we look at a number of these items and explore how they can make exercising outside much more fun and productive. Let’s get started!


Tech that makes outdoor exercise fun

Fitness trackers

One of the very best things you can get to make exercising outside more fun and productive is a wearable Fitness Tracker with useful built-in features like a heart rate monitor and sleep monitoring technology.

One such device is the Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, which is an excellent little device that allows you to “Get on track, [and] stay on track” (in Fitbit’s own words) with over 15 different exercise modes and the ability to track… well, pretty much everything.

For example, you can keep track of how many steps you take each day (or during a run or hike), find out how many calories you burn every time you exercise, monitor how well you’re sleeping at night (including tracking your patterns of light, deep, and REM stages of sleep), and keeping your heart rate in check by pushing yourself just hard enough to benefit your health—but not so hard as to be dangerous.

You can also connect your tracker via Bluetooth to your smart phone and enjoy benefits like text notifications, GPS data (for exact tracking of pace and distance traveled), and monitoring your progress towards meeting a fitness goal. And, since this device is water resistant to 50M, you can even use it when swimming, or wear it in the shower.

But the Fitbit is just one of many great examples of fitness trackers that you may choose from. To really get the most out of one of these devices, I’d suggest doing a little research over at Best Buy and selecting the brand and model that suits you best!



Another good item for exercising outside (and having lots of fun while doing so) is the very broad category of Bicycles, which includes everything from kids bikes and tricycles to cruisers and e-bikes.outdoor exerciseMy favourite of these has got to be e-bikes. And for good reason—I tested a RBSM SPORTS Pluto R Electric Bike a few months back and was very impressed by it.

These bicycles have an electric motor that provides riders with a pedal assist feature that really comes in handy when you need some extra help. In other words, you can get some very valuable exercise without killing yourself (for instance, if your local area is really hilly and a little boost would help).

I personally found that the pedal assist on the e-bike I tested was a really cool feature—I could definitely feel it kicking in at times, although I still had to work a good bit too, such as on really steep hills. And of course, you can adjust how much pedal assist power you get, meaning you’ll still have the opportunity to do most or all of the work even on flat surfaces if you want to.



outdoor exerciseAnother possibility that’s particularly popular amongst younger people is the category of Scooters, which come in a variety of different designs.

While many scooters are very basic models that look like little more than skateboards with handlebars attached, some scooters—like the Soozier Teens Adult Folding Pro Kick Scooterhave a lot more going for them.

For instance, this scooter features a lightweight aluminum frame, a rear braking system, shock absorption, adjustable height, a handy kickstand, and it even folds up for easy storage and transportation—just to name a few of its key benefits.

With a scooter like this, you’ll not only get plenty of fun exercise, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the great outdoors while getting everywhere you need to go easily and without the need of a gas-guzzling motor vehicle. Of course, if pumping your way about town doesn’t sound like your thing, you could always forgo the exercise element and just get an Electric Scooter.


Jump ropes

While many of the items we’ve discussed so far feature electronics and other high-tech capabilities, we mustn’t overlook the low-tech possibilities for getting fit and having outdoor fun this spring.

Consider, for instance, the very low-tech category of Speed & Jump Ropes. These simple pieces of training equipment can really get your heart rate up (have you ever seen a boxer in training?), and they’re also lots of fun—particularly for the young at heart!

The best ones are adjustable (for users of various heights), weighted (which helps to reduce tangling and makes skipping easier), and have ball-bearings built-in (for an increased range of motion).

With ropes such as these, fitness has never been closer or easier to achieve. You can both strengthen and tone your arms and legs while simultaneously giving your cardiovascular system a very solid workout. You might even start to feel just like a kid again.


And there you have it—a diverse selection of useful tech devices, including both high and low tech items, that will make exercising outside a lot more fun and productive this spring and summer.

I hope that these suggestions have inspired you to get out there and enjoy a healthy lifestyle this year. If so, be sure to visit Best Buy Canada for many other great Health & Fitness product ideas. They’re not all outdoor specific, but they are all guaranteed to get you into better shape if you commit yourself to using them. Good luck!


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