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Summer is in full swing and with it comes a sense of freedom. Schools out for the kids, and I don’t now about you but my house just seems to become more relaxed and carefree. Our schedules become a little more flexible and we just have more fun. I think one of the reasons I love summer so much is that it makes me feel like a kid again.

Of course with the hot summer days, trips to the lake, hanging out with friends and maybe a vacation or two you have to step up your game on the safety front. I’ve spent a few summers with young kids, so a few of my most important safety tips include being sun safe with sunscreen, keeping hats and water bottles on hand, keeping track of your kids and pets when they’re outside or you’re out, and being water safe.

Keep hydrated in the summer sun

Keeping protected from the sun outside is always important during the summer months. From sunscreen to hats to staying hydrated, they are all a must. My oldest son seems to be allergic to most popular brand sunscreens, so I always have to purchase his from a health store. Then of course my youngest has his favourite one he likes, so I always have plenty of sunscreen to go around. I have been known to offer my sunscreen to strangers, especially children, when I notice they are starting to look a little red. Not only does a sunburn hurt, but in the long run it is terrible for our health too.



Hats are a great way to avoid sunburn on your scalp and face. I know you can all probably relate to that feeling you get when you brush your hair after a day in the sun with no hat. I love me a wide brim floppy hat, it makes me feel like I’m on vacation somewhere luxurious, and my boys love your typical ball cap. Hats are also good for keeping the sun out of your eyes, especially for the kiddos that don’t like wearing sunglasses.

If you have a little one at home, I highly recommend covering them up with a JoJo Maman Bebe floppy sun hat. There’s different sizes and colors to choose from, and they’re the perfect way to keep the sun off of baby’s face.

Stay hydrated

A good water bottle is always on hand when we head out for the day. Best Buy just started carrying the S’ip by S’well stylish and durable line of water bottles. Keeping hydrated is so important to avoid heat stroke. I remember having it as a child once and it was terrible, I would hate for my boys to suffer through it unnecessarily.

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When I’m at home I always have a water jug filled and ready for drinking. To make it even more appealing I love adding fresh fruit slices or berries to infuse the water. It’s also a healthy alternative to juices and pops that are so filled with sugar and don’t really quench your thirst.

This Brilliant 2.4L Patio Drink Jug with Ice Rod and Infuser is perfect for summer days. I love that the ice has it’s own compartment so you’re drinks don’t get diluted and your fruits or vegetables also have their own as well. Although when I add berries to my water I leave the infuser out since my boys love having the berries in their glasses too.

Want to make sure your pets are ok? Check in on them

We can’t forget about our pets during the hotter months. Like kids, our pets need some extra attention as they can overheat very quickly. I’m always checking to make sure my cats and bunny have enough fresh water to drink, but you can go one or two steps further to check on your pet in the heat.


Thanks to the latest technology, you can check in on your pets or kids during the day with network cameras. I have tested a wide variety of smart home cameras and they are great for keeping an eye on your pets inside and outside the home. Here is a recent roundup of some of the best cameras available.

One other tip I have to keep your pets cool when you’re not home: a portable air conditioner. I have three cats that I worry about when I leave the house, and without my portable Danby air conditioner, I’d be really concered the house was heating up too much for them. Now I I know my pets will stay cool when we are out for the day.

Water safety is number one


As a mom my top priority during the summer months is water safety. My boys have always loved the water which is great. I love that they are both confident in the water and of course they have both taken swimming lessons which I consider a must, but I still make sure I’m always watching them when they’re swimming especially in the lake. It is so easy for them to get distracted and not realize they swam out too far.

The iSwimband Bluetooth Drowning Detection Headband is a pretty amazing gadget. It can easily be worn as a headband or clip on to your kids favourite goggles. It then uses bluetooth technology to alert you if your child has been submerged under water too long. There’s also a wristband option for your toddler that will alert you as soon as they enter water. It can also easily fit onto your dogs collar. You can also track up to 8 iswimbands on one ios device so if you have more than one child and pets you can keep an eye on all of them at once.

With my summer survival tips put to use, my husband, kids and I have always enjoyed this time of year. I always have my summer bag ready to go by the backdoor with hats, sunscreen, goggles and towels for any last minute trips to the local lake or rope swing in the creek.

If you’re looking to add to your summer survival kit has some great options in baby productsair condtioners, and patio.

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