beoplay a9As technology has adapted to our ever evolving lifestyles, multiroom audio has grown. If you’re thinking about getting a system for your home or office, there are numerous systems and manufacturers to choose from today, depending on your needs or brand loyalty.

New Beoplay A9 speaker is uniquely cool & modern

B&O’s Beoplay line with multiroom capabilities is expanding again with the addition of the saucer-shaped, furniture-esque Beoplay A9 speaker.

This speaker is out of this world when it comes to looks, almost literally; the disc-shaped speaker sits on tripod legs and looks kind of sculptural, if not like a cool spaceship. Indeed B&O says it’s designed to act as an accessory in your room that you won’t feel the need to hide away. Standing about three feet or about a metre tall, you won’t want to hide it anyway; this speaker is made to show off. Manufactured in either black or white, the speaker also has the option of a series of special covers in designer fabrics.

These wool-blend covers are created in collaboration with renowned Denmark design house Kvadrat. The fabric allows the audio to flow through but also lets you customize the speaker to match your home decor. (Surf Google and you’ll see some folks have really taken to the idea of dressing their A9s for occasions!)beoplay wall

The customization doesn’t stop there. The speaker has myriad options for placement in your room, depending on its size and your overall space. You can stand the B&O Beoplay A9 in a corner of a room on its attractive wooden tripod legs, leave it free standing, or hang it on the wall with the optional wall bracket. A carrying handle built into the rear allows it to be moved easily.

The Beoplay A9 is just one of the B&O speakers you can use to create a multiroom audio ecosystem.

What is Multiroom audio?

Multiroom audio is a special category of home audio. To simplify, multiroom audio is the ability to play music on a set of wireless speakers located in different rooms of your house. Depending on your system, you can play different music on every speaker or the same music all over the house.

Multiroom speaker systems are made by several large brands, and most of them feature a variety of sizes and strengths of speaker, from compact bookshelf to large and booming. The systems are expandable, and configurable so you can buy a bunch of speakers all at once, or build the system as your budget allows.

Often, these systems are set up and controlled via a smartphone app or tablet, and again depending on the system, will connect via either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Read more about how to choose a multiroom audio system in Best Buy’s Buying Guide.

The Beoplay A9 has all the audio power you could want in a large in-room speaker:

  • Power amplifiers – 1 x 160 watt class D for bass
  • 2 x 80 watt class D for midrange
  • 2 x 80 watt class D for treble
  • Driver Units – 1 x 8′ woofer
  • 2 x 3” midrange
  • 2 x ¾” tweeters

And because we love our streaming nowadays, the Beoplay speakers support Spotify,
TuneIn, Deezer, and Google Cast.

The Beoplay A9 speaker also gives you options when it comes to how to connect. There’s a USB iPod/iPhone/iPad connector, plus line-in options or ethernet.

Add on to your multiroom system with Beoplay

Meet the M5

The B&O Beoplay multiroom system is expandable by adding either the Beoplay A6 or Beoplay M5 speakers.

The narrow wave-shaped Beoplay A6 speaker is much more than just a regular two-channel stereo speaker. It’s packed with five-channels including a backwards-pointing speaker that helps fill the room.

The Beoplay M5 is equally slick.  It’s cylinder shaped and has the option of changeable wool blend fabric covers just like the A9.

If you’re looking to start building your new home multiroom audio system, B&O’s Beoplay line, and in particular the striking A9 speaker is a great place to start.

Check out the whole Beoplay line at Best Buy.

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