gift for her.jpgDon’t pay attention to sitcoms—guys haven’t given up on understanding the fairer sex. Pay attention to any gift buying season and you’ll see malls and stores filled with guys trying to find gifts for the “her” in his life—whether that’s his wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, niece … we’re all trying.

Listen and observe to find the perfect gift for her

Samsung-Tab4.jpgTrying doesn’t always make it easy, though. There’s one great lesson to learn when buying a gift for her: listen and observe. Yes, it’s simple and applies to any good and growing relationship. However, it’s so easy to forget what’s been said. And just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean there haven’t been clues scattered through all your interactions with her.

I’ve learned to take notes on the spot in my notebook or smartphone when something comes up. Don’t want to clutter your phone? Keep a tablet, like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4, on hand to jot down anything she’s said or something you’ve noticed her take interest in.

Cuisinart.jpgBuying a gift for your mother or mother-in-law

My wife and I found this incredibly helpful when buying a gift for her mother. In the past we’ve bought gifts that align to her obvious interests. For years we’ve gifted her books and movie passes and we were getting a little tired of it (and I’m sure she was as well)!

We stepped back and took notice of something she does every day: she makes a cup of coffee for herself in a big, old school coffee maker. It felt a bit excessive. Then it clicked: we bought her single serve coffee maker, like this one from Cuisinart.

It’s the gift that keeps giving, because every morning she gets to enjoy it. It was such a simple gift that meant so much. Step back, listen and observe because there may be an obvious, and perfect, gift waiting for her.

Fitbit.jpgBuying a gift for your girlfriend or wife

This one can get a bit more complicated, but only if you overanalyze the situation. Again, listen and observe.

For the longest time my wife has told me she wanted to create a sustainable, fun workout routine. The only problem is that she generally finds these routines boring and therefore they’re never sustainable.

Well, Fitbit One Fitness Tracker has turned everyday actions into something of a game. How many steps have I taken?Have my sleep cycles improved? How many calories have I consumed? Fitbit tracks it all and suddenly you’re trying to best your previous week’s numbers.

But, just in case, there’s always this sapphire bracelet for backup!


Buying a gift for your daughter or niece

It was a lot easier when my niece was younger; I could get her anything and she would love it. She’s a little bit older and more discerning now, which makes listening and observing more vital.

Thankfully, I know she’s super active, loves to run around and is enamoured by technology. The Zoomer Kitty Interactive Robot Cat fits the bill. It follows your movements, reacts to your touch and performs tricks. Not familiar with this great toy? Read the review by Leo on the blog and you’ll see how much fun it can be.

Buying a gift for her is simpler than you may think

Are you contemplating getting her a Spotify subscription or that great new parka you saw the other day? Step back, listen and observe. If those fit then power ahead with confidence. If not, step back and take a deep breath—you’ll be just fine!

Cover image courtesy of From A to Vegan.


Travis Persaud
I have contributed to a number of magazines across North America, including enRoute and Exclaim! I love variety and it shows in the wide range of topics that I have covered: automotive to music, technology to travel, beer to real estate. When not writing, I am often working on projects for Big Rig Brewery, an award-winning craft brewery based in Ottawa. I’m also a member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada.


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