rubie super girl costumeHalloween is a fun time for kids, not just because of the bags full of candy they’ll inevitably get after a night of Trick or Treating, but because they also get to dress up as their favourite superhero, princess, or other fun persona.

Superhero fun

If your child loves those characters with special powers to fly, shoot webs, or simply get rid of the “bad guys,” chances are a super hero costume will be desired.

For babies, you could opt for something like the snug and warm Marvel Spider-Man Costume Sleeper, which will keep him warm whether he’s out getting candy (just for the fun of it, of course) or greeting other visitors at the door with mom and dad. It comes marvel spider-man costume sleepercomplete with socks and hat. Or, maybe your little one is more into Batman, and wants to take on Gotham to seek out the finest of candy delights.

If he simply can’t decide, consider the Melissa & Doug Super Hero Costume Set, which isn’t tied to a specific super hero, per se, but includes the most important elements for any superhero: bright shirt with a flashy logo, cape, and eye mask.

By the way, super hero costumes aren’t just for boys: check out Rubie’s Super Girl Costume, which is bound to be a hit this year given the popularity of the new TV series.

melissa and doug ballerina costumePretty princesses

Every little girl dreams of being a princess, and Halloween is the perfect time to let her tiara shine.

Melissa & Doug’s Princess Costume includes a super-cute pink dress, and comes with a silver crown and wand.


If she’s really into the girly costumes but a princess or fairy doesn’t tickle her fancy, consider similar feminine options like a mermaid, fashionable rock star, or ballerina.

Aspirational occupations

Kids dream of being everything from a fireman to a doctor. And there are plenty of pint-sized costumes that can help them emulate their favourite real-world super heros.

If you don’t want a full-body costume for your child, simply throw on a pair of black dress pants, white dress shirt, and add items like the Melissa & Doug Magician Role Play Costume Set, which will turn that plain outfit into a magician costume, complete with props like a top hat (with a hidden compartment), wand, coin, rabbit, and card with tricks.

Piratye costume at Best BuJust plain fun

Beyond the princesses, super heros, and occupations, sometimes kids just want a fun costume, like a basic witch or friendly pirate. These costumes are timeless.

Tip: keep your old costumes in a dress-up trunk so your kids can enjoy them beyond Halloween. Costumes often fit big, and thus might be wearable by your child through the year. I like to keep a trunk of costumes in my son’s playroom so that when friends come over, both younger and older, they can all play dress-up with the wide selection of items. It’s a great way to get more use out of each costume than just wearing it for one night.

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