storage.jpgThough the home office is often a place where most people spend a considerable amount of time, it tends to get neglected. Many tend to become a dumping ground for clutter and old electronics, leaving them cramped and disorganized. When your home office is crowded and messy it can often make it harder to concentrate and be productive. If you’re working in a cramped and disorganized home office, it may be easier to create a cleaner, more tranquil space than you think.

Clear out the clutter

Take stock of the items in your current home office. Do you really need all your old files, books and electronics? If you don’t, recycle it or donate it. If you do need it, maybe think about scanning some of them and storing them as digital copies. Next look at the furniture. Even after clearing out some clutter, you will still be left with tons of paperwork and books that will need to be kept in this space. Therefore, it’s important that you only have furniture that is designed for storage so that your space can be used effectively.

Invest in organization-based furniture

5 piece.jpg

A home office furniture collection that is becoming increasingly popular on our site is Casey collection furnishings. Available in white and merlot (black), this elegant, simple and well-constructed furniture is the perfect starting point for your home office. Our website gives you the option of either buying individual pieces or purchasing a 6-piece, 5-piece, 4-piece or 3-piece office set. This allows you to invest in a matching set or mix and match Casey pieces depending on the amount of space and other furniture you’re working with.

Casey chair.jpg

If you have a larger office, the 5-piece Casey Vaneer Home Office Set is a great option. This set includes two writing desks, an end table, a 3-shelf desk hutch and a 2-drawer filing cabinet. The desks have a minimalist, sleek design that won’t look too bulky in smaller spaces and the thin legs leave lots of room below for storage. The writing desks can be either set up in an L shape or separated to different sides of the room if the office is being shared with your spouse for example. The smaller end table can be used for extra writing space or could be placed in a separate area and be used as a printer table. I like that this set also offers the desk hutch and the filing cabinet as this maximizes storage space both above and below the desks. If you do choose to separate the desks, you can also easily add another desk hutch or filing cabinet to the other desk if needed. This set can be finished off with the Casey Wood Task Chair. This ergonomic chair is height adjustable, can swivel 360 degrees and the assembly is only estimated to take two adults less than 20 minutes!

Add your own unique personality


Once you have chosen and arranged your main furniture pieces, you can make the room your own by adding other unique furniture and decorative items. If you’re in need of more storage, a book shelf or two would be great for storing extra books and documents. This Homestar 9-shelf bookcase can be arranged 3 different ways to maximize storage in whatever space you have. In addition to desk lamps (check our selection out here), you may also want to install a standing lamp, like this one from Aurora, to make sure the room stays light. If you have the space, you may want to add an accent chair, such as this one from Casana, for reading long documents or taking business calls. A unique area rug (check out our selection here) would also give the room a unique look and a cozy, warm feel. Lastly, finish the room off with some wall decorations, such as a statement wall clock or some art.

If you’re currently trying to be work in a crowded and disorganized office, it’s time for a change. Get rid of what you don’t need and invest in a set of office furniture that allows for ample storage, such as the popular Casey collection. Once you have the main furniture pieces, make the room your own with some bright lighting and unique pieces of art and settle in to a day of productivity!

Intrigued by our selection of office furniture? That’s not all we have! Check out our large selection of bedroom and living room furniture.

Lucy Woodhead
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