zoocchini shark backpack - high resWhether your toddler is starting preschool, kindergarten, heading to daycare, or just making day trips to the park or grandma’s and grandpa’s, a backpack can come in handy. And you’ll want one small enough for your little one, and stylish enough that he’ll be excited to put it on.

While my 4-year-old son has a backpack that he uses daily for preschool and summer camp (and soon kindergarten), it also comes in handy for outings, like heading to his grandparent’s house for the weekend, visiting an amusement park, or taking a trip to the park or local splash pad.

Zoocchini makes a line of backpacks that are super-cute, and designed to look like various animals and creatures. While your kids will love them, there’s an added benefit for mom and dad, too: when you’re looking at a sea of backpacks, or a swarm of kids, having a zoocchini dinosaur backpack - high resdistinct design that’s easy to spot will save you time and headaches. Think about luggage: you probably opt for a bold and bright colour, or tie a ribbon to your suitcase so it’s easy to find in baggage claim, right?

All Zoocchini backpacks are made of strong polyester, and include pencil and utility holders at the front for keeping crayons, toys, and other small items, plus mesh pockets that can hold snacks and a water bottle. All schools require that the child’s name is on all of his belongings, and these backpacks have a dedicated space on the back for writing it, or affixing a fancy label. Adjust the straps to comfortably fit your child, aged 3 and older. Each backpack measures 10.5 x 13 x 4cm, so they’re small enough for a small child to carry on his back. And each backpack has a handle at the top so mom and dad can easily carry it one-handed once your little one gets tired, or it gets too heavy.

The Zoocchini Shark Backpack is great for the child who’s infatuated with everything aquatic. It’s designed to look just like a shark, complete with a toothy grin on the back, zoocchini alicorn backpack - high resbright blue colours, and images of fish bones on the front. Even the zipper tab is designed like a tiny fish bone.

For the kid who’s totally into dinosaurs, there’s the Zoocchini Dinosaur Backpack, which comes in green, with white accents for the zipper pull tab, claws, and teeth, and red for the mouth, horns, and tail. The arms on either side almost look like they’re outstretched to embrace your young one in a big bear (er, dinosaur) hug. The design is not only super-cute, but you’ll have no trouble spotting the bag amidst many others thanks to the bright and bold colours.

For the little girl who’s obsessed with pink and/or unicorns, check out the Zoocchini Alicorn Backpack, which boasts a sweet and sparkly unicorn face, shiny wings and a horn, and silver stars near the “tummy.” The detail translates right down to the zipper pull tab, which is a tiny star.

Christine Persaud
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