Protecting mobile devices is serious business. While manufacturers strive to create beautifully constructed and impeccably finished products, the reality is that smartphones and tablets are mostly glass and steel. They crack and shatter when dropped, and cost hundreds of dollars to repair or replace.

With a lot of people getting new smartphones this holiday season, the next best things to get during the holidays are thoughtful gifts to protect their investment.

This makes considering a case and a screen protector a smart investment. Here are other gifts that can help protect mobile devices and extend their life and functionality.

 UAG Plasma Fitted hard Shell Case for iPhone X

When it comes to protecting smartphones, few products can compare with Urban Armour Gear UAG’s fitted hard shell cases.

Designed with military-grade protection for your iPhone this UAG product is a Plasma fitted hard shell case. With an impact-resistant soft core, scratch-resistant skid pads, shock-absorbing bumpers, and honeycomb inner lining, this case meets military drop test standards.

This case features an impact-resistant soft core, scratch-resistant skid pads, shock-absorbing bumpers, and honeycomb inner lining

Specially designed bezel around the flash deflects unwanted flash interference in photos/ This UAG case meets stringent MIL-STD 810G 516.6 US Military certified drop-test standards that ensure it can protect devices from drops.

iTouch Deluxe Touchscreen Gloves

This is a pair of touchscreen gloves that are compatible with all touchscreen devices.

These gloves were designed to keep your hands warm while giving you the ability to text, type and swipe on your touchscreen device.

Available in various sizes and colours, the iTouch deluxe touchscreen gloves look like regular protective gloves.

Ideal for use in cold weather and during winter conditions, these touchscreen gloves enable operation of smartphones and tablets.

iPhone 8 Plus 5.5″ Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Most smartphones have scratch-resistant glass screens but can still use some extra protection from scratches, dents and drops.

A tempered glass screen adds another actual layer of protection with very little weight and bulk.

A Tempered Glass screen protector sticks to the front of the smartphone and serves to absorb scratches and nicks so that your display remains pristine.

Ideal for new or used smartphones, this accessory extends the life of the device be offering ‘barely-there’ protection that counts on a component that is used the most making it a great choice for a gift.

Universal Waterproof Underwater Pouch Dry Bag Case Cover Cell Phone Swimming Bag

The Perfect accessory for outdoor activities: hiking, skiing, swimming, swimming, fishing, boating, rafting, diving, and other activities where smartphones aren’t expected to survive.

This Waterproof bag case can protect your cell phone, documents, cards, cash from water, splashing water, ice, rain, snow, dust. Fits most smartphones, up to 6.0 inches.

The advantage of these cases as a gift is that they’re see through and also make it possible to manipulate the screen of the smartphone through the plastic. This keeps smartphones useful in places like the beach where sand, salt water and dust can impair smartphone use.

Griffin Survivor Rugged Folio Case for iPad Air 

Heavy duty protection for tablets, The Griffin Survivor Rugged Folio will change the way you use your iPad. It features magnets built into the case, allowing you to mount this tablet protector onto most metal surfaces, so you can stick it to the fridge when jotting notes or watching a video. The folio cover folds into a stand for convenience.

Features magnets built into the shell, allowing you to mount the Survivor Rugged Folio on most metal surfaces, like your fridge or tool box.

Designed and tested to meet or exceed United States military standards, safeguarding your tablet from extreme conditions and absorb the shock of impacts up to 1.8m (6ft.).

These are just some of the notable gifts designed to protect mobile devices.


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