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What do you get that special guy in your life for Christmas? Brother, father, husband, boyfriend, uncle—maybe he’s just a really good friend. Whatever the relationship, he deserves something special. There’s no better place than Best Buy to find the best gifts for men … I don’t claim to have any supernatural knowledge of what gadgets, games or electronics make the best gifts, but I’m pretty plugged in to a lot of this stuff—and I’m a guy. So consider those my qualifications for pointing you in the right direction.

best gifts for menNapoleon Apollo Charcoal BBQ and Smoker

My happy place when its time to relax and basically do nothing is the depth of the back yard and my BBQ pit. And based on input from my (male) friends, this is a common theme. There’s something especially rewarding about letting a good quality chunk of meat smoke all day. And when it comes time for dinner, there’s that feeling of accomplishment. You weren’t just sitting back with a cold one all day, listening to music, keeping an eye on the temperature and occasionally throwing some more hickory in. You were making a meal. An awesome meal …

When it comes to authentic BBQ, you’d be hard pressed to top Napoleon’s Apollo Charcoal BBQ and Smoker. Use it for grilling, or as a three-tier smoker. And it makes a great gift.

best gifts for menNanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Starter LED Light Kit

When it comes to current technology, I’m particularly enamoured with smart lighting because of all of the cool ways it can be used. Control it by voice, using a smartphone app or program it. Change colours to suit a holiday or other special occasion, or just to reflect your current mood. Use your smart lights to flash a notification from your social media accounts and to act as a home security addition. The uses are endless.

My favourite smart lighting system to date is from Canada’s Nanoleaf. The Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Starter LED Light Kit would make an ideal Christmas gift for that tech-loving guy on your list. Everything you need is in one box. It starts off as a project: design the perfect light panel configuration. Then you install it. Then you enjoy one of the most innovative smart lighting systems around. And this one has a new Rhythm module that flashes the light panels in time to music. I reviewed it last week and I think any guy would be lucky—and thrilled—to get one of these kits.

House of Marley Stir It Up Turntable

Do you have a music lover on your shopping list? If so, a turntable may just be the perfect Christmas gift. As an added bonus, it doesn’t really matter how old he is. Vinyl is a big deal these days, so a turntable makes a great gift for a teenager or twenty-something. Now they can get in on music’s hottest trend! A turntable makes a great addition to the man cave for a thirty or forty-something guy. And if there’s a music fan to buy for who is older than that, there’s a good shot he’s still got a crate of records squirrelled away in the basement or garage. A new turntable will give him an excuse to bring them out again—and a project to clean and organize them …

Best Buy has a wide range of turntables, but out of those I’ve tested, House of Marley’s new Stir It Up turntable makes a great choice for gifting. It’s affordable, yet plays much better than an entry level turntable. It has a built-in pre-amp so you can connect it to virtually any stereo or even a portable speaker. And with all that bamboo and aluminum, it looks great too.

best gifts for menElectric Shaver

Can an electric shaver be an exciting gift? If you’re a guy, sure it can. Switch to an electric shaver and you kiss dull razors and the expense of replacement blades and foam good-bye. An electric shaver is more comfortable, easier to travel with, makes less mess and it’s technology—that makes it cool! I have a Panasonic Wet/Dry electric shaver like this one and can highly recommend it. To save even more time in the morning, it can even be used in the shower.

best gifts for menE-Reader

Many of the guys I know (myself included) love reading. E-books are great because they mean we can take a few minutes to read when the opportunity arises. And e-books mean those bookshelves can be put to better use, like organizing that record collection … But reading on a tablet or smartphone just does not cut it. Horrible glare in sunlight, short battery life, and harsh backlighting to name just a few of the issues. Once you’ve used an e-reader you won’t want to go back.

If you’re giving an e-reader to an important man in your life, you can’t beat the Kobo Aura ONE. It has an amazing big display with ComfortLight PRO for night reading, it lasts for months on a single charge and it’s waterproof. He can borrow e-books from the library or buy them from Kobo’s e-bookstore, which currently has over 5 million titles available. But don’t take my word for it. You can check out Plug-in’s review by Ted Kritsonis for all the details.

best gifts for menApple TV 4K

A 4K HDR television would be a Christmas gift that any guy would love. But it’s a little expensive. And tough to stash under a tree …

The next  best thing just might be the Apple Apple TV 4K. You can hook Apple’s latest set-top streamer to virtually any TV and use it to watch streaming video or even to play games. Use the Siri remote for voice control and easy content searches, But connect it to a 4K set and he can stream 4K HDR video in all its glory and enjoy some quality family time watching the latest must-see TV and movies.

These are a few ideas to get you started. But if you’re looking for holiday shopping inspiration—for a man, woman, kids, or even your pets—the only place you need to look is Best Buy.


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