Targus Hyperdrive Dock connected with all it's ports for a 10-in-1 multi-media experience

If you’ve ever wanted to get even more capability out of your Macbook, there’s no better option than a multi-media hub like the Targus HyperDrive 10-in-1 dock. This simple looking device turns your standard laptop into a multi-screen setup with high-quality speeds, connectivity, and charging, all from a single USB-C port of your device. 

This little dock was great to quickly plug into after a long day out, turning my mobile laptop into a fully equipped desktop. Learn more about the possibilities and features that the Targus HyperDrive can offer right here in this review.

Targus HyperDrive Dual HDMI 10-in-1 dock features

  • Plug and play with no driver downloading necessary
  • 10 essential ports to get the most out of your MacBook or Windows laptop
  • 4K HD video for up to two displays using HDMI with multiple display modes
  • Quickly power your devices with a 100W USB-C charging port
  • Attach even more accessories with two standard USB-A ports
  • Ethernet port to get the best speeds for your internet connection
  • Quickly transfer files with a speedy SD, MicroSD, or 5Gbps USB-C port
  • 3.5mm Headphone jack for listening to music or videos on any laptop
  • Compatible with Apple silicon, Macbook Pro/Air, and Windows laptops with USB-C
Targus HyperDrive box contents

Unboxing the driverless Targus HyperDrive dock

Thanks to Hyper’s driverless display technology, there are no downloads needed to start using this media hub right out of the box. Inside the box itself was the HyperDrive media dock, and a small manual for activating the pre-installed software for your dual HDMI and ethernet. There are a total of three USB ports, two of which are USB-A and one USB-C, as well as SD and MicroSD card slots. For display, you have two 4K capable HDMI ports with 60fps and 30fps refresh rates. For audio, you have a 3.5mm audio jack to use with headsets that have built-in microphones. To power the device you’ll be using an extra USB-C power delivery port with 100W’s that quickly charged my laptop to full in a short period. Last, but certainly not least, there is an ethernet slot for a powerful wired internet connection right next to the power port.

While I was able to use a single HDMI cable without any software, to use both, I had to start up the pre-installed HyperDrive application for the dual display. And while I did have an issue with the files and needed to reinstall them, thankfully it was a reasonably quick fix. All you have to do is go to the driver section of the Targus website and download the software underneath the Dual HDMI media hub option. After going through the installer I had a very smooth experience with no other display issues.

Some of the ports of the HypeDrive dock on it's side, showing dual HDMI, dual USB-C, USB-A and a 3.5mm headphone jack

Making the most of the HyperDrive ports

The only difficult part of setting up a multimedia dock is how organized you want your cables to be. Having this many sticking out of a small device can be a bit of a hassle at first. I would definitely recommend some cheap cable zip ties if you don’t have any on hand to make for a more sleek workspace. Right away I was able to connect a wireless mouse, a lamp, and the ethernet cable to get started. Being able to use my universal devices on a Mac made for a great experience. Using the Targus HyperDrive drastically opened up the prospects of what I can combine my laptop with. Some other devices I tested as well were my webcam, charging my other devices, and of course, the display outputs.

While I mentioned before the problem I had with the dual display software, once I got it up and running I really appreciated getting to connect two separate monitors to my MacBook. I enjoyed having three full displays that I could use either as mirrors of the laptop display, or three separate screens to swap between. I ended up writing most of this review using my Mac as a keyboard and my monitor for the screen as it was a seamless experience. I will say it would definitely have been better if I had monitor arms that were higher up, just so the laptop screen wouldn’t get in the way as much.

Targus HyperDrive 4K Dual HDMI port connecting a Macbook into two separate monitors at once on a desk.

My experience with the Targus HyperDrive dock

One of the only potential drawbacks I noticed was that the hub does need to be plugged in at all times to be used. While this does limit its uses as a mobile desktop hub, it isn’t as much of a problem given the stationary nature of the device. For a media hub like this, the best way to use it is to come home and connect to all your devices and the internet with just a single quick cable plug. This makes you ready to go back on the go at any time without having to deal with setting up or removing all your devices and cables every time you move your laptop. The hub has a single USB-C cable solution that makes for a seamless and time-saving transition from mobile use to the home office.

Overall I was very impressed with how easy everything was to connect, on top of having the excellent speeds that you would want from a device like this. All three USB ports have a 5Gbps speed, with the SD and MicroSD card slots providing 104Mbps to quickly transfer files wherever you need. It is important to note that only one of the 4K dual HDMI ports has a 60 frames-per-second rate. While having two different refresh rates can at times be jarring, it won’t be noticeable in almost all cases aside from stretching video content across both displays. The monitors I use both for work and personal tasks have a similar frame rate split and I’ve had no issues with it at all, especially if you’re using two high-fidelity 4K screens, which this dock is compatible with.

Why choose a Targus media hub?

What makes the Targus media hubs stand out to me is their overall quality and ease of use compared to other devices. With a driverless setup, you can get right into using the device without having to worry about something going wrong. And in case you do have trouble, there are plenty of resources available at Targus to help you get your device up and running as quickly as possible. 

The main factor in whether or not you would need a Targus HyperDrive is if you could see yourself utilizing most of the ports. Not everyone will be able to make the most of every feature like the dual HDMI ports or SD slots. But the many options and speeds this media dock provide make it a great addition to any compatible device. It accommodates plenty of adapters and connections you would normally need to purchase separately, which starts to add up in cost all while taking up a lot more desk space. 

The Targus dock upside down to show the full design next to it's box and a Macbook.

Is a Targus Hyperdrive the right upgrade for your laptop?

If you don’t think you’ll find a use for most of the ports on the Targus HyperDrive, you might be interested in some of Targus’ other docks, like the Targus 4-port USB-C hub. While this hub offers fewer options, it’s still a fantastic addition for any user who needs only a few extra desktop peripherals that their laptop doesn’t accommodate. If you want an all-in-one package that transforms your laptop into a complete computer setup with one cable, then the HyperDrive is definitely the device for you.

You can find the Targus HyperDrive 10-in-1 dock at Best Buy.

Steven Garrard
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