HP Smart Tank 6001

Today, most of our productivity and leisure activities can be done online. Despite this, there are times when we need to print out physical documents and images. In these cases having an all-in-one printer at home is essential. For me, I find myself using my all-in-one printer on a regular basis. Today, I’m going to be reviewing the HP Smart Tank 6001. I’m going to talk about the set-up, connectivity, software, scanning, and printing quality. 

Overview of the HP Smart Tank 6001 printer

I’ve had a number of printers throughout the years and the HP Smart Tank 6001 is the perfect size for home use. Measuring in at 16.83” x 14.33” x 9.46” (L x H x D), and weighing just 14 lbs, the Smart Tank 6001 is small enough to fit on your desk. 

This is an inkjet printer, which means that it uses liquid ink when printing. The advantages of inkjet printers is that they can be used to print both documents and high quality colour images. Because of this the HP Smart Tank 6001 is a great all-round device for personal and home use. You can print off everyday documents while also having the flexibility to create professional looking photo prints.

The HP Smart Tank 6001 comes with a wide variety of connectivity options. Users can connect to this printer via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB cable. During my testing I loved being able to connect to the Smart Tank 6001 from anywhere in my house. As long as my cell phone, tablet, or laptop had the HP software installed I could easily send a print job to it.

HP Smart Tank 6001 inside

Straightforward set-up with the HP Smart Tank 6001

Setting up the HP Smart Tank 6001 is fairly quick and easy to do. After unboxing the printer and plugging it in you will need to download HP’s app on your mobile device or computer. Once this is done you will receive instructions to connect to the printer through your home internet.

After connecting the Smart Tank 6001 to your local network you will then be directed to fill the printer with ink and install the printer heads. Again, HP makes this easy to do, the Smart Tank 6001 comes with four bottles of ink: black, red, blue, and yellow. Transferring the ink to the printer is as easy as plugging the bottle into the correct reservoir. Once this is completed you’ll be instructed to install the print headers.

After the initial set-up there is still one more step to complete, this is the printer and scanner alignment. To complete this step the HP Smart Tank 6001 will print a sheet of test paper, that test paper will then be scanned and printed again to confirm alignment.

In total, the entire set-up process took about 30 minutes before the HP Smart Tank 6001 was ready to print. 

Print quality of HP Smart Tank 6001

HP Smart Tank 6001 scan When it comes to printing, the HP Smart Tank 6001 is a fast and capable printer. It can print a speedy 12 pages per minute at resolutions up to 1200 x 1200 DPI for black and up to 4800 x 1200 for colour prints. When it comes to volume, the Smart Tank 6001 can hold 150 sheets and another 100 in the printer output bay.

I wanted to see the HP Smart Tank 6001’s ability to reproduce fine details and colours. In my testing I made a print using a 4k photo of a mountain and clouds. To my surprise the print looked incredible, the colours were punchy and I was clearly able to see details in the mountains and the fine lines of the clouds. Overall, I was impressed with the Smart Tank 6001’s ability to produce high quality photo prints.

When it comes to the ink lifespan the HP Smart Tank 6001 does a nice job. According to HP, using the ink provided users will be able to make up to 8000 colour prints and 6000 black prints before needing a refill.

HP printing software

HP’s printer software is compatible with Windows (7/10/11), macOS, Android, and iOS devices. To get full functionality from the app users will be prompted to create an account. Once your account is created you can use the app to fax, scan items with your camera, and print items directly from your device. 

I was also surprised to find that HP included unique features such as a marketplace. This  marketplace is loaded with different print templates for anything from calendars, cards for special events, productivity, and art. You can even filter these marketplace items based on your needs, age groups, and various categories. Overall, I was impressed with the utility of HP’s control software. 

Scanning with the HP Smart Tank 6001

The HP Smart Tank 6001 comes with a high resolution scanner. The scanner flatbed size is 8.5 x 11.69 inches which can comfortably scan regular A4 sized documents. The scanner is capable of scanning at resolutions up to 1200 x 1200 DPI at 12 bits. In my testing the scanner was great at picking up details. I scanned a test print of a 4k image and was able to see clear details of mountains and clouds in the image. Overall, the Smart Tank 6001’s scanner will be more than capable of scanning everyday documents and images for home use.

HP Smart Tank 6001 opened

Final thoughts on the HP Smart Tank 6001

The HP Smart Tank 6001 is an excellent all-in-one printer that produces high quality images, can scan documents and pictures at high resolutions, and is small enough to fit into any space. The Smart Tank 6001 has great connectivity options and an app that offers fantastic utility. I absolutely loved being able to scan and print documents using my phone. Overall, I had a great time with the HP Smart Tank 6001, it’s a great printer that covers a wide range of applications. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a printer including students, professionals, and parents. 

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