Printer on desk with headphones and notepadBack to school season means a change of pace for everyone, whether you’re headed into a new semester of university, sending little ones back to school, or running a business. While you’ve been getting ready for the season so have we. Since we know that printers are essential for back to school, we sent out Epson EcoTank wireless printers for review and now you have a chance to win one.

Epson EcoTank printers really do have Super Tanks

Ink in Epson PrinterOne of the best features of the Epson EcoTank printers is that they use ink tanks rather than cartridges. These tanks last up to up to 80 times longer than a traditional cartridge, offering about 2 years of printing. This means you don’t have constantly buy new cartridges or go through the infuriating experience of running out of ink when you have a deadline to meet. As someone who grew up with traditional cartridges, I’d like to take this time to apologize to my parents for late night ink-induced panics and also to thank the neighbours who let me use their printers. Truly, these were my childhood heroes.

We sent out these models to our bloggers for review, so they are already loaded up with ink and ready to go. It’s worth noting that both Shelley and Ted found the tanks easy to fill and nary a drop of ink spilled. You can read Ted’s review of the ET-3710 and Shelly’s review of the ET-2760 to find out more about each model.

Wireless printers that connect to a host of services

Printer with lid open for scanner
Epson 2760

You can use Wi-Fi or the Epson app to connect these wireless printers to your phone or computer. This allows you to print, copy, and scan via the app, and even print photos directly from your phone. Shelly was a big fan of the Epson app and found it very user-friendly.

The printers are also compatible with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud, as well as DropBox, OneDrive, Evernote, and Google Drive, which is handy when you’re scanning and saving files. They also offers remote printing, so you can email a document to the printer and it will print automatically. The printers also have screens and buttons to navigate the functions, so you aren’t tied to your device to use them.


Entering is easy, but you can only enter once! In a comment below, tell us how one of these printers would help you in the back to school season! Maybe you work from home and are tired of finicky cartridges or perhaps you have a child who is always running out of ink for their school projects.


At the end of this contest, we will randomly select four winners from all eligible entries. Two winners will receive the Epson EcoTank ET-2760 Inkjet Printer and two will receive the Epson EcoTank ET-3710 Inkjet Printer.

This contest runs from to September 10th to 24th. 

Remember, you only get a single entry, but that doesn’t mean your friends and family can’t enter as well. Back to school is a season for everyone (even if the only change for you is the increased traffic on the road) so share this chance for some home office improvements!

Win an Epson EcoTank Printer Rules and Regulations

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  1. This would help with those long assignments that require colour pictures which usually get printed late at night, so not running out of ink would be awesome

  2. Having wifi capabilities allowing me to print from any room in the house – flexibility is the key to efficiency & this printer has it!

  3. The printer would help me immensely since my last just died. Mainly will use it for resumes and craft projects

  4. One of these printers would be very handy to print out paperwork and forms without having to switch ink cartreidges all the time!

  5. Printing with this Epson would be a breeze for work projects, compared to trying to use my old one that’s always hit or miss if it’s going to print or not!

  6. I would LOVE to take advantage of enrichment printables; this printer would make that possible WITHOUT all the waste and environmental guilt.

  7. These would be great since you always tend to run out of ink when trying to finish up work projects when the stores are closed and you can’t get more cartridges

  8. Would love this because am very tired of the wastefulness of having to continually purchase cartridges that always run out too fast or the unit decides that the full cartridge is expired. plus many of the cartridges cost so much that it really is cheaper to just go buy another printer instead.

  9. Hi, Both my mom and myself are desperately in need of a printer. I was hoping to win one but you don’t see printers used as much as you used to. Wish me luck.

  10. These would help with digitizing school assignments, awards, and art work. That way if we end up having to dispose of oodles and oodles of art work, we can do it guilt-free because we have a digital copy of the pieces to enjoy without taking up excess space.

  11. This would help with printing reports and really anything I need done. Our current printer is on the fritz and this would help so much.

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