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PC gaming with a three-monitor bezel-free setup

ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit

PC gaming is consistently delivering some of the most captivating experiences for video game enthusiasts. With so many options for upgrades and customization, many players take their personal PC gaming setup very seriously. Today I’ll be taking a close look at one possible configuration—an incredible multi-display setup featuring three ASUS VG245HY 24″ Gaming Monitors along with the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit.

ASUS 24″ VG245HY Gaming Monitor

There are plenty of good reasons to choose a multi-monitor display setup for your PC. From multitasking to an increase in productivity and more, extra screen real estate is always a good thing. However, today I am going to focus specifically on the benefits it offers for PC gaming.

For this setup I am using three 24″ gaming monitors. The ASUS VG235HY model is a perfect foundation for a multi-display setup—in particular with regard to one gearing towards an incredible gaming experience. These monitors are built for gamers, with 1ms response time and a 75Hz refresh rate for smooth visuals.

Furthermore, they pack in all the regular features that I often compliment when reviewing gaming monitors in the ASUS family. These include FreeSync technology to battle screen tearing, easy menu operation with joy-stick control, GamePlus hotkey functionality, and much more.

Another thing I appreciate about using these monitors in a multi-display setup is the size. ASUS monitors already typically feature a sleek design. However, size is particularly noticeable when stringing together 3 monitors on a single desk. In that sense, I find the ASUS VG235HY to offer great balance. These monitors won’t take up extreme amounts of desk space in comparison to larger models, yet they still create incredible immersion with a full 3 x 24″ inches of display area.

ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit

As gamers we are always looking for that powerful sensation of escapism. Getting lost in new and exciting worlds is what often makes video games so engaging. Naturally, a multi-display setup really helps to invoke those feelings of being a part of the game world around you.

However, the feature that really ties this setup together is the inclusion of the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit. The inherent issue with a multi-display setup is the presence of the bezel around each monitor. This causes an interruption in the continuity of the image between each screen.

This is where the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit comes in. The kit consists of two clear light-refracting lenses that clip over each monitor-to-monitor junction. This results in the elimination of the bezel area from the user’s view, making it appear as though the picture sprawls without interruption from one monitor to the next.

Consequently, when combining the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit with a custom monitor resolution, compatible games will display across all three monitors in a single image. You’ll need to utilize your GPU’s software to set a custom resolution that accounts for all three screens. By taking advantage of this increase in display size, players will be able to see more of the virtual world in a single frame than would be otherwise possible.

Setting up the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit

Getting started with a bezel free display is fairly simple. The kit consists of 2 light-refracting lenses and four adjustable clips. It can comfortably fit monitors up to 27″ in size.

The trick to installing the kit properly is to ensure the monitors are placed at just the right angle. The kit comes with a small piece of cardboard for measuring the angle, and this should get you right in the ballpark. Upon clipping the lenses in place, it’s simply a matter of making very slight adjustments to the angle of each monitor.

Once you hit the sweet spot, the bezel will effectively disappear from view. You’ll want to ensure that the viewing angle is comfortable and centered. Moving too far to the left or right will nullify the effectiveness of the lenses.

The release latch on the clips make both adding and removing the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit quick and easy. This is a nice feature as some users may not want to leave the kit on at all times. It’s an incredible utility for wide-screen gaming, but isn’t always necessary for day-to-day computing tasks.

Incredible immersive gaming

This leads us to the ultimate goal of this multi-display bezel-free setup. By combining a trio of capable gaming monitors with the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free kit, the results are impressive indeed. I took the opportunity to test a number of different games with this robust display.

Racing games are on genre that truly shines with a multi-display setup. In taking GRID 2 for a spin, I was truly impressed with how immersive the overall experience was. The game lets you toggle between multiple camera angles—including multiple views from inside the vehicle. When playing in this mode, it feels almost as though the monitors are simply serving as the windshields of the vehicle!

Another popular title that looks intriguing to say the least in a multi-display setup is Stardew Valley. In this retro 16-bit farming sim you regularly trek about your farm and the local village. Typically, you can only see part of an area at any given time, and would rely on a scrolling screen to reveal further points on the map. However, when playing in this setup, you’ll be able to see the entire width of your farm in a single frame.

Finally, I tried out the recent turn-based strategy game XCOM: Chimera Squad. Once again, this title often provides a limiting overhead view that requires camera scrolling to reveal the entire map. However by enabling this ultra-wide resolution, I can regularly see not only the width of the battle area, but surrounding streets and rooftops as well!

Expand your gaming rig with a wide bezel-free three-monitor display

By combining a trio of fantastic screens such as the ASUS VG245HY 24″ Gaming Monitor along with the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit, PC gamers can enjoy some pretty incredible results. A setup such as this can literally change the landscape of gaming by offering an immersive, sprawling display that simply isn’t achievable with a single monitor. From the sensation of riding in the cockpit of a speedy race car to the advantage of seeing more of the map in an overhead view, there are so many aesthetic benefits to gaming with a multi-display setup.

There is already a vast library of great games available to play on a setup like this today. However, I also can’t wait to see how it performs on some of the biggest upcoming releases too. It seems tailor-made for pending titles such as Microsoft Flight SimulatorCyberpunk 2077, and Halo Infinite. With June right around the corner it’s the best time of the year for big game announcements—as well as articles, promotions, and of course huge gaming contests from Best Buy Canada!

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