To some degree we are all accustomed to just “making do” with what we have at hand to get by. This is especially true when it comes to our home computer monitor. Many of us have old, low resolution, long latency monitors with poor colour definition, and we simply persevere. Well this contest is for all of you who can relate. Best Buy and BenQ are giving away an amazing monitor. Enter below and you may actually win this BenQ SW271 4K monitor!

BenQ monitors are perfect for everyone who deserves a better monitor

Perhaps you haven’t given your monitor much thought, but if your eyes feel strained after a few minutes staring at the screen, or you notice that skin tones seem off, or detect wavering of the image as it adjusts to changes, then you are due for an upgrade. Trust me, the BenQ SW271 will be quite the upgrade!

Over the past couple of years I have sent many BenQ monitors to writers across Canada for an honest review and the reviews are consistently positive. Read the recent review of this SW271 monitor from Steven Hill of British Columbia to see what Steven loved about this monitor when he tested it. He points out how great this monitor is for gaming given its fast response time and crisp 4K image. Importantly, he notes that this monitor is especially suited for professionals working with graphics, photography, or video editing.

Enter this contest and you might win the exact monitor that Steven reviewed.


Entering this contest is easy. In a comment on the blog beneath this article, tell us one thing this monitor can do better than your current monitor. That’s it.


At the end of the contest we will select one winner from all eligible entries to receive the same BenQ SW271 monitor that Steven Hill reviewed.

This contest runs from May 22nd until May 31st.

Remember you can only enter once. However, you can share this contest with someone else you know who deserves a new monitor. Just letting them know you care will make their day!

Good luck!

Win a BenQ monitor Contest Rules and Regulations

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  1. A native resolution of 3840 x 2160 is far superior than the 1024×768 on my current monitor.

  2. One thing this monitor can do better than my current monitor is give me 10 more inches of viewing pleasure.

  3. I am “making do” with an old monitor that I have had for many years. I would love to upgrade it. Two monitors are better than one but one 4K monitor, especially a 27″ BenQ 4K Ultra HD monitor, would be awesome!

  4. I would love to win this monitor. The larger screen size and resolution would make experiencing movies and games better PLUS I’d be able to see more of my spreadsheets!

  5. We do video editing and graphic design so the improvement this monitor will provide for color accuracy would be very welcome. Thanks for the winning opportunity.

  6. The 4K monitor, would definitely provide better image quality than my monitor. Thank you for the chance to win.

  7. There is much that this monitor can do better but the thing that most stands out is the crisp 4K image!

  8. It would have a better picture quality and faster response time than my current monitor.

  9. I’ve been procrastinating upgrading to a newer PC. This monitor would hasten the transition, for sure!

  10. I like how this monitor has such a clear picture and how its fast response time and 4K image is way better than the monitor I have now.

    • it is an up to date monitor than mine because mine is 6 years old and it has many good points and such as good sound and good picture quality and last a long time

  11. Its fast response time and the crisp image with realistic colors (4K) would be such a great upgrade over my present monitor.

  12. One thing this monitor can do better than my current monitor would be that it is has 4K monitor. I have noted that previously, the standard was 1080p, while 4K gives viewers four times the pixels on the screen. That is going to be so much easier on my eyes and I plan on hooking up this baby to the Aser laptop I am using right now which currently has a busted screen. I hook up this laptop to the TV but that means no one can use the TV for watching their programs while I am using this laptop.

  13. I’m severely near sighted (prescription is -13) so I see every detail. This monitor would do better than by current monitor as I won’t need to show off anymore how I can count the number of pixels it takes to make this letter T.

  14. This monitor can pretty much do everything better than my current monitor. One of the things I’m looking forward to is the faster response rate of 5ms. My current monitor has a long lag time.

  15. This monitor won’t have dead pixels running through it (hopefully). And will be able to adjust to the perfect height without needing to use the perfect book I can find.

  16. More pixels = more happiness.
    I’ll be able to bless my eyes with glorious 4K games and movies.

  17. What can this monitor do better than my current monitor….Everything! I’ve had the same monitor for over 10 years

  18. This monitor would give me a better resolution and color and would be a larger monitor than i actually have to play games.

  19. One thing this monitor can do better than my current monitor? EVERYTHING! I don’t have any monitor at all, this prize will be an excellent addition to my laptop, making my desktop much more functional.

  20. Probably everything since I still use a clunky old CRT monitor. One feature that’s definitely better is that 4K resolution vs my current 1024×768.

  21. One thing this monitor can do better than my current monitor is provide vibrant and vivid imagery!

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