Surface Pro is the tablet to laptop solution

Surface Pro has always been built with sleek mobility in mind, bridging together portability and functionality in innovative ways. Whether it’s the razor-thin bezels of Surface Pro X or the extra ports in Surface Pro 7, there is something for everyone to get things done. There are vibrant screens to lock your gaze as you get creative, and keyboards (sold separately) to clip on for other productive pursuits.

The Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard comes with a dedicated nest to secure the Slim Pen in place, while Surface Pro 7 blends traditional and modern with a combination of keyboard and pen. Take your work with you and make any space your collaborative nook, be it a couch, café, stand-up desk or home office, every time you open up Surface Pro X or Surface Pro 7.

Get comfortable

With the right tools, you get a lot done, and that’s where Surface Pro X delivers with its accessories. Simply click the new Surface Pro X Keyboard into place and use three different ways: as a laptop, folded back or closed to shield the display and conserve battery. Store and charge the new Surface Slim Pen within the Surface Pro X Keyboard so it’s always on hand when you need it.

Use the classic Surface Pen on Surface Pro 7 as your handheld sidekick to put your mind’s creativity onscreen. Plug in extra accessories and peripherals* to the USB-C port for modern connectivity on your terms. When you need additional precision, use the Surface Arc Mouse on either Surface device for better control.

The way you use Surface Pro X and Pro 7 is up to you. Lightweight and easy to carry, they go anywhere you go to be productive or catch up on content that entertains and excites you. 

Powerful connections

No matter which Surface you work and play with, you get a brilliant display, either way. Surface Pro 7 has a high-resolution 12.3-inch PixelSense™ display with touchscreen capabilities and automatic ambient light brightness adjustment. Surface Pro X gives you a larger work area with a virtual edge-to-edge 13-inch PixelSense display presenting stunning colours and graphics.

These Surface devices are built with the power of either Intel or Qualcomm processors. Find the configuration that works best for you with additional storage and memory. Enjoy better multitasking and longer battery life every time you get to work.

Surface Pro 7 gives you the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, while Surface Pro X comes with LTE Advanced Pro connectivity to keep you connected with fast speeds from almost anywhere.

Efficient work

Both Surface Pro X and Pro 7 come with Windows 10 Home, letting you start on any task right away. Do your best work in programs like Office 365*, and express yourself drawing in Adobe Fresco, sketching notes in Concepts, or journaling in OneNote.

Fast charging and all-day battery life keep workflows going without fear of missing out. Instant On takes you right back to where you were, even if it’s tonight, tomorrow or the next day. Password-free Windows Hello sign-in saves you time, every time.

Enhanced dual far-field studio microphones will hear you loud and clear in conference calls. Or speak up and put words to screen with dictation in Office. Dolby Audio Premium sound plays crisp and clear audio for all the movies, music and podcasts you want to listen to.

* Note that software like Office 365 and accessories are sold separately.

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