A scanner is technology made for everyone. And now that most of us are working or going to school from our homes, there is no better time to get busy scanning the stacks of negative films, printed images, and documents that you have filling your space. Epson is a well trusted, go-to brand for printers and scanners. We recently gave away some Epson supertank printers on the blog; so, for this contest, you will now have a chance to win one of three fanstastic Epson scanners: a V19, a V39, or a V600 (as shown above).

Epson scanners are perfect for the beginner and the pro

Epson scanners are easy to use for everyone in your family. Perhaps you need a scanner for documents and family photos; or you may want to take the hassle out of your finances by routinely scanning receipts; or you may be a professional who needs to scan images at a high resolution or wants to save money by scanning your film instead of sending it to the lab. Regardless, one of these scanners will suit your needs. Each one of these Epson scanners has great resolution, scan time, and is fairly compact to fit snuggly on your desk.

The Epson V19 and V39 are perfect for scanning documents and printed pictures at home.  You’ll love how easy it will be to digitize those documents and images that are cluttering up your home. I love how tiny and compact this scanner is; just put it away on a shelf when not in use it to help your desk stay clean and uncluttered.

As a photographer, I work with both digital format and film format. As much as I love shooting film, I find that archiving the physical negatives can take up quite a bit of space over time. This is where having a trusted scanner comes in handy and my favourite of the three we’re giving away in this contest has to be the Epson V600. This scanner is a lot bigger than Epson V19 and V39. This is because it has the ability to scan negative and positive film. It comes with 2 film trays: 1 for 120 films and another for 135 films and slides.

Check out the review done by Chris Loblaw on these three Epson perfection scanners to learn more about these scanner.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below tell us what you would scan if you won one of these awesome Epson scanners. Are there documents taking up too much space that you can’t wait to digitize? Let us know in a comment below.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select three winners from all eligible entries. One will receive the Epson V19, one will receive the Epson V39, and one will receive the Epson V600.

This contest will run from June  9, 2020 to June 21, 2020

Remember, comment below what you would scan for an entry to win one of three Epson scanners. You are only able to enter once, however if you know anyone that is in need of a scanner, go ahead and share this article with them so they have a chance to win as well!

Win an Epson Scanner Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck

Andrea Wong
I am a professional portrait photographer in Vancouver with 12 years of experience as well as an in-house photographer for Best Buy Canada. Aside from photography, I live the mom-life daily and run a subscription box company called Little Kaktus Co!


  1. I would love to get all our photographs scanned and organized. It would be great to scan important documents as well for safe keeping.

  2. I need to scan my old family memory photos we’ve been wishing for a scanner for that and also it would help out our work instead of having so much paper in our garage we would just scan. It would make our lives way easier

  3. I need to scan my old photos we’ve been wishing for a scanner for that and also it would help out our work instead of having so much paper in our garage we would just scan. It would make our lives way easier

  4. I would scan all the photos I inherited from my grandmother and mother that are taking up so many tote bins! This would be awesome to clear up the valuable real estate all the tote bins are taking.

  5. I would use this for so many things, photos, important documents like Wills, insurance papers, works and school very handy to have one.

  6. I would scan all the documents I need at work…. rather than trucking into my bosses’ office every day and asking him to scan for me when convenient. Time is money! 🙂

  7. I would scan all the pictures in the photo albums that we keep stacked in a closet. The scanned images would make it so much easier to share the pictures with friends and family because we never put in the effort to pull out those heavy photo albums.

  8. I would love to have this printer to scan some old physical photo prints to digitize them before they fully fade.

  9. This scanner would come in handy for business receipts by making my end of year tax filing a whole lot easier and clearing up a ton of clutter.

  10. I like having actual pic, not on my phone. But actual prints. I took my camera to Walmart photo and printed if 300 pictures from my Vegas trip, I would love to have one so I can get actual pictures, Thanks for the chance.

  11. A scanner would come in handy to scan all user manuals into PDFs, photo negatives, photos in albums and slides too. The best part is all these would be readily searchable to be displayed in any devices stored on top of saving storage spaces and preserve memory from humidity and normal wear and tear over time.

  12. I would love to scan all of my family’s old pics, my pregnancy ultrasound scans, my baby’s pics & artwork, my husband’s sketches, my dad who writes poems – we’ve lost so many of his in the past, and our important documents including educational certificates/ professional licenses, birth certificate etc. In the world where this pandemic forced us to become virtual employees including the ones which were office goers like my husband I think it’s a must have whether it’s for personal or professional use.

  13. I would love to wi one of these as I have so much paperwork filling up all my drawers that I would love to scan into my computer so I can get rid off all the papers. Plus I have hundreds of old photos of my moms that I would love to scan and make into some sort of video with music for her as I know she would love it.

  14. I would like to scan and digitize all my receipts that are part of warranty program for any items that I have purchased. Thereby having one place to look in case its needed.

  15. My daughter loves to draw and I would scan her art work and then have a collection as she grows older of all her sketches and art work.

  16. I would scan all of my old photos of my biological family along with my son’s artwork from being in his first year of school.

  17. I would scan all the family pictures that we have nicely stored in a box, working on getting them dated and identified, will be able to share better once I can scan them

  18. I would love to scan all my old photographs. I could make scrapbooks for members of my families!

  19. I would love to win this to scan all my documents and special photos. It would be a piece of mind knowing that these things can be saved digital in case of a flood or fire happens.

  20. I would scan all of the artwork that my niece and nephew has made for their favorite Uncle over the years!

  21. I would scan my important documents like passports to save it digitally in case they get lost.

  22. Working at home we have less access to the paper files from work so we are scanning everything now.

  23. I would scan my kids’ schoolwork, paperwork for the office, and old family photos!

  24. I have never had a scanner, it would make life a lot easier when I need to for school! They are out of my budget so if I WON I would scan everything LOL

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