A dedicated gaming keyboard, like those from SteelSeries, can make a whole lot of difference for work and play. I tried calculating it! On average people can type 40 words per minute. For professional writers spending eight hours of work writing, that’s an average of over 19,000 words a day in total. Now, that’s a lot! And also, a lot of stress on the hand. So for hardworking individuals who go into overdrive with their fingers, it pays to have a great keyboard. But doubly so for gamers: after a long day’s work you need a responsive keyboard designed to give you an edge over the competition. The SteelSeries prizes in this contest will definitely give you that edge!

A gaming keyboard dedicated to your day-to-day

Many of the office jobs today require long hours with our hands on a keyboard—writing emails, crunching numbers on a sheet, or what have you. You may not notice it each day, but that typing will take a toll on your hands. In my experience, many keyboards out there are not designed for the demands of day-to-day productivity AND the mostly intense needs of a PC gamer.

I’ve owned a few computers for school and for work. The keyboards provided with many of them don’t actually contribute to faster work. The customizable, mechanical keyboards designed with gaming in mind, deliver a boost to productivity of any kind.

The Apex line of keyboards from SteelSeries

The Apex keyboard line from SteelSeries boasts features I think would definitely improve anyone’s productivity—and not to mention, make gaming a lot more fun. Whether in TK or TKL, you can select from the Apex 3, Apex 5, Apex 7, to Apex Pro. Read Marcus Wong’s review and watch his video to learn about his experience using the Apex 7 and Pro keyboards. I won’t discuss everything he mentioned; instead, I’ve selected my four favourite things found in Apex keyboards:

Faster response and actuation

Who doesn’t want faster keys? The Apex Pro boasts of 8x faster response time and 5x faster actuation; each key allows for easy use and control with less effort. Plus, the OmniPoint mechanical switches allow you to set per-key sensitivity. This is a big plus for me. Spending all day typing, setting the action of each part of the keyboard to the way I want it will reduce the strain on my hand. For gaming, the fast reaction time of the keyboard give you better control of your game characters, for overall better gameplay.

OLED Smart display

The OLED Smart Display in the Apex 7 and Apex Pro lets you do many things on the fly. It acts as your integrated command centre by giving quick access to settings and useful information straight from the games and apps you frequently use. Change your profile. Adjust the volume. View stats from games, such as health, skills, power, or money. Quickly connect with who’s chatting with you on Discord—all of these without having to switch from one tab to another.

Using the Smart Display you can easily choose among various keyboard settings that you need. You can select from up to 102 customizable programs to set your keyboard in a way suitable to the game you play.

Improved durability

Another thing that I like about the Apex keyboards is the way each keycap is built. The Apex Pro construction is designed to guarantee 100 million keystrokes. You can’t underestimate how many keystroke any person can make a day. You’ve read my calculation in the introduction—it’s a lot! And, it also varies depending on the way each person work with their keyboards, with some more passionate than others. I know I am. I’ve had one keyboard that, just after less than a year of using, a couple of keys faded and I did have to buy a plastic cover to stop them from getting worse. No matter how familiar you are with the keyboard layout, a keyboard with worn out labels slows you down.

The Apex 3 has water-resistant design that not only lets your keyboard withstand accidental spills, but also allows water from under the keys to flow out of the keyboard. It’s made perfectly for anyone who likes having beverages on the same table as their computers.

RGB Backlight

Last but definitely the most fun feature is the RGB Backlight. I like how colourful and dynamic it makes your typing experience. You can choose between red, green, blue or all colours. I also like the ripple effect it creates each time you press a key.

Whether for work or gaming, consider the SteelSeries Apex keyboards and other line of products.

How to Enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter twice.

  1. In a comment below, tell us why you want a SteelSeries gaming keyboard for work and/or gaming, and what SteelSeries product will add the most to your productivity: a new keyboard, mouse, or headset?
  2. Visit the product page for the SteelSeries Apex Pro Backlit Mechanical OmniPoint Gaming Keyboard to learn how many custom programmable buttons it has, then send us that information in an email to bestbuyblog@bestbuycanada.ca with the subject “SteelSeries Apex keyboard contest.” NOTE: Do not post that information below in a comment; you must send it in an email for a valid entry.

What you will win

At the end of this contest, we’ll randomly select five eligible entries to receive one of these SteelSeries prize set: Apex 3 Keyboard + a Rival 3 mouse, Apex 7 keyboard + Rival 3 wireless mouse, Apex 7 keyboard TKL + Rival 650 wireless mouse, Apex Pro Keyboard TKL + Arctis Pro headset, and Apex Pro keyboard + Arctis Pro wireless headset. To know more about these products, visit Best Buy Canada.

This contest runs from November 18th to December 2nd.

Remember you can enter twice, as indicated in the how to enter section of this post. Hurry! Key in your entries and share this contest to your family and friends so they can have a chance to win too. There’s five sets of prizes for everyone!

Win a SteelSeries Apex keyboard prize set Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck!

Chris Nasaire
Chris is constantly on the lookout for new tech that can make day-to-day productivity fun and easy—from the latest coffee machines to high-performing laptops. Outside of his exciting role as an editor at Best Buy Canada, he writes short fiction and travel stories, with some of his work appearing in local literary magazines.


  1. I am very happy to announce the winners of a SteelSeries Apex keyboard prize set:

    Austin H. (Saskatoon, SK)
    Kenneth W. (Coquitlam, BC)
    Maureen B. (Saskatoon, SK)
    CL C. (Toronto, ON)
    Blair D. (Esterhazy, SK)

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  2. This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

  3. i would love this set up for gaming! this looks so awesome. The gear i’ve got now is old and super cheap lol my response time is so behind

  4. i need a steelseries gaming keyboard for gaming as my old buttons are getting beat up from years of abuse, the mouse would increase my productivity as i have more buttons to assign for shortcuts

  5. I would love a SteelSeries gaming keyboard. I love the fact that you can change the sensitivity of the keys. It would help me type faster for work productivity. Also, for gaming I can customize it for a better gaming experience.

  6. the SteelSeries keyboard would be a great help to have at home because we’re all working more from home it seems this past year the backlit keyboard would come in very handy to help ease the strain on the eyes

  7. I would definitely use the Steelseries Gaming Keyboard for work as I spend more time for work than gaming.
    All the three items (Keyboard, Mouse, headset) would collectively add to my productivity as my current products are bit old and showing their signs of aging 🙂

  8. I would use the SteelSeries gaming keyboard for work because of all the cool colors. It would be a hit in the office!

  9. A new SteelSeries keyboard would help my work life by giving me more space to type than a laptop keyboard!

  10. I would love a SteelSeries Gaming Keyboard for work because as someone who is on a computer, phone or tablet most of the time at work I have come to realize how important good technology is. It would also benefit my productivity.

  11. I would love to use the SteelSeries gaming keyboard for playing games on Steam with family and friends around the world and the mouse would be super awesome too!

  12. I would love this for my son who is big into gaming. He would love the keyboard with the RBG backlight feature. It would definitely make his gaming so much more fun!

  13. Hmmm I need a SteelSeries gaming keyboard for gaming accuracy and a SteelSeries keyboard would help me win the most Smile Please and thanks Fingers crossed.

  14. Hmmma I need a SteelSeries gaming keyboard for gaming accuracy and a SteelSeries keyboard would help me win the most Smile Please and thanks Fingers crossed.

  15. I want the SteelSeries gaming keyboard for my son as he wants to start gaming with keyboard and mouse on the ps4. The keyboard and all of its shortcuts will greatly add to his gaming! As well as a mouse!

  16. The Apex keyboards have awesome customizability and flexibility with macro controls and USB ports. I’ve never used a keyboard that has those features. The media controls would be useful, since I can also map them to control commands in my music-making applications. I’ve been getting into PC games over the past two years, but I’ve never used a keyboard with switches and it seems to be the standard recommendation. Even the rubber feet would be an enormous upgrade!

  17. I want a new SteelSeries keyboard for gaming, because my old one finally started cutting out after years of use and I need to replace it. Keyboard would definitely be most productive because it’s the only one I NEED to replace.

  18. I want a SteelSeries gaming keyboard for work because the OLED Smart Display lets me do many things on the fly by giving me quick access to settings and useful information straight from the apps I frequently use.
    A new headset would add the most to my productivity.

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