If you’re into video games, then you know that having a kick-butt gaming computer is pretty much the most important thing you need to think about. However, a powerful rig that can chew up the latest graphics-intensive titles with ease isn’t the only thing gamers require to squeeze the most entertainment value out of the gaming experience. You definitely need a few choice devices to augment both your comfort while engaged in long gaming sessions, as well as to help you in fragging enemies and getting to the top of the leaderboards. I’ll run down these all-important add-ons, with my list of top five PC gaming accessories, as chosen by Best Buy customers. Remember, each of these is one of the most highly rated products by shoppers for their particular accessory category.

1 – Gaming Keyboard

For the majority of PC gamers, the keyboard is how they control the action onscreen in most games. Forget controllers, because it’s been proven that PC gamers score consistently higher in things like first person shooters (FPS) when using a keyboard and mouse setup over a game controller. So, you need a keyboard that is designed solidly and specifically to withstand lots of repetitive use, but is also comfortable enough to play on for hours at a time. It also helps a lot if the keyboard offers customization options, so you can program different keys or set up macros on the fly for faster and more seamless gameplay. These gaming keyboards also often feature textured keys and coloured backlighting, so you can play in any type of illumination, as well.

The Corsair STRAFE RGB Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes highly recommended in this category, offering extreme performance, responsiveness and precision, plus fully programmable keys, textured and contoured backlit keys, and easy-access multimedia controls so you can adjust volume on the fly. It also offers a detachable soft-touch wrist rest for ultimate comfort.

2- Gaming Mouse

Every gamer knows the importance of a good gaming mouse. If you are going to excel in any PC video game, then you need an ultra-fast responsive mouse that’s accurate, comfortable and features at least maybe a couple of extra buttons to help keep you a step ahead of the online competition. Honestly, the mouse that came with your computer is just not going to cut it, so do yourself a favour and invest in something that’s truly been designed to deliver rapid response times, and deadeye gunslinger accuracy.

One of the most top rated in the PC gaming mouse category – and the one I personally use to zero in on and frag online enemies – is the Razer DeathAdder Elite 16000 DPI Optical Gaming Mouse. Razer has long been one of the most well known and go-to names in PC gaming mice. The company’s line of gaming accessories is near essential gear for any serious gamer, or any player who wants to be top dog on the digital battlefield. The DeathAdder Elite features an eSports-grade optical sensor with 16,000dpi, 450 IPS, and a resolution accuracy of 99.4%. Its switches are optimized and tweaked for fast response times and a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks, plus the smooth ergonomic design and rubber side grips make for the ultimate in comfort during those long marathon gaming sessions. It’s a pro-level gaming mouse that feels really great in your hand, and will help you devastate the competition – fast!

3 – Gaming Monitor

Most computer users think all monitors are created equal. However, a gamer knows for smooth, responsive and ghost-free gameplay, you definitely need a computer monitor that’s been specifically designed to deliver the sharpest graphics.

The BenQ Zowie 24″ eSports Tournaments FHD 144HZ 1ms GTG TN LED Gaming Monitor with S-Switch has been engineered with competitive e-sports gaming in mind, offering HD resolution and a 1ms GTG response time with a mind-boggling 144Hz refresh rate for the smoothest rendered visuals you’ve ever seen. The 24’’ display offers a wicked 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for darker blacks and brighter colours, and a flicker-free screen to prevent eye strain. Its Low Blue Light technology also reduces blue spectrum light, which is a main cause of eye damage, eyestrain, headaches and sleeping disorders caused from prolonged screen time. The Benq Zowie’s frame also reduces light reflection from the screen, and its four integrated USB ports let you connect a range of accessories straight through to your computer for ultimate convenience and versatility.

4 – Gaming Headphones

Unless you live alone in a soundproof apartment, you likely use headphones when playing your favourite games, because nobody in your house wants to hear all the explosions, gunfire, and NPC exposition dialogue from your gameplay over their conversations or what they’re watching on TV. Besides, nothing brings you right into the action of a game quite like being fully immersed and engulfed in truly high-quality sound. But, along with headphones that deliver clear, rich, and precise sound, you also need something that is uber-comfortable, as well, so you can endure long hours sitting in front of your favourite video game without getting sweaty ears (yuck!).

The Logitech G933 On-Ear Wireless Gaming Headphones have been given some great reviews by Best Buy customers. These premium wire-free phones offer Dolby Surround Sound with 7.1 surround support, a noise-cancelling mic, and truly immersive sound. You get lag-free gaming sound thanks to 2.4 GHZ wireless tech, plus there is an included analog cable so you can plug in when needed. The headset also offers up to 12 hours per charge without its cool RGB lighting or eight hours with default lighting. The headphones also feature game controls right on the headset, so you can mute, adjust volume or assign keys for quick and easy-access to certain functions.

5 – Gaming Chair

When you spend hours in front of a computer screen blasting away aliens, stabbing orcs with swords, or flying a starship through the vastness of space, you totally need to be sitting in a comfortable chair. For gamers, no ordinary office chair is going to suffice. You need something that has been designed with a gamer’s butt in mind…as well as their back, arms, and wrists. Gaming chairs are specifically and ergonomically designed to prevent back, arm and wrist strain during long raiding or fragging sessions, while cushioning your posterior comfortably.

The PulseLabz Challenger Series Gaming Chair is really popular with Best Buy reviewers, thanks to its multitude of adjustable features, and supreme support. It features three-directional movement cushioned armrests and ultra-comfy neck and lumbar pillows. Completely adjustable, its constructed with a super high-density and durable foam for the ultimate in comfort and posture support.

The Final Word

Those are my five top recommended essential PC gaming accessories, based on reviews and ratings from customers on the Best Buy website. Do you think I missed something? What are your top five gaming accessories, and why? Let me know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to look up all the PC gaming accessories available at Best Buy.

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