There’s plenty of great baby and kids’ tech on display at CES 2023, from toys to educational products, and more. Here’s a quick look at some of the most interesting ones we have come across so far.

Babyark Convertible Car Seat


Did you ever think you’d see a smart baby car seat? It’s here, and it’s smart for all the right reasons. Not only does integrated technology and Bluetooth help ensure the seat is installed correctly, it will also notify you via the app if a baby or child is accidentally left in the car seat.

As a car seat, it comes with the seat and base and works with the free app. The base illuminates as you place it in the car, turning green when the installation is correct or red when it needs adjustment. You can also use the app for confirmation that the seat is Babyark installed correctly.

With energy absorption coils and a patented side protection system along with a carbon fibre frame, the Babyark seat is built to be sturdy and to last. It can be positioned both rear and forward facing and includes a removable infant insert, soft chest strap, and cup holder for toddlers and older kids up to about age 6.

For the first install, you can use the app for guided installation, eliminating one of the biggest pain points with car seats for new parents. It can fit in almost every type of car. The car seat of the future is a glimpse into the future of car seats. 

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Chillax Giraffe AI Baby Monitor

Chillax baby monitor

The Chillax Giraffe AI baby monitor uses Edge-based AI and machine learning to accurately detect a baby’s covered face, when a baby rolls over, and breathing rate, and sends notifications as needed.

The idea is to offer even greater peace-of-mind for parents thanks to more intelligent monitoring. It continues to learn a baby’s habits over time, even understanding things like facial expressions and common sleep positions. The cameras come with a flexible gooseneck to position as desired, and connects via USB-C.

The Thermo AI camera, meanwhile, can also detect body core temperature and advise of abnormal temperature variations. A thermal imager can even detect diaper status through temperature to advise when a little one might need a change.

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Roybi RoybiVerse

Roybi Blue

Roybi’s educational robots were revealed at CES in years prior, but this year, the company is revealing its virtual world called RoybiVerse, an intelligent, edutainment metaverse. Designed for both educators and learners, RoybiVerse is a membership-based platform that is VR-enabled with various virtual educational experiences.

Set to launch by mid-2023, the audience is expected to range from K-12 up to higher education learners. The company is working on partnerships to provide knowledge, content, and experience. Clearly, the metaverse isn’t just for adults.

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Particula GoChess


The company behind the popular GoCube educational toy has developed GoChess, an immersive experience designed for helping people, including both kids and adults, learn, train, and play chess. A robotic chess board, it can move multiple pieces at once, set the board up for a new game, and challenge players with a set of puzzles designed to help them improve their skills, rewind and replay moves, and allow for immersive play with AI or even a remote opponent playing online, with pieces moving in sync on your local board. If you can’t finish a game, you can pause it and continue in the same spot once you return.

The advanced sensing and lighting on each square allows the board to monitor and record moves and provide real-time indications to players. This ranges from tips to potential moves as well as scores, each of which is colour coded for easy identification. The board works with a companion app and can connect to popular online chess platforms. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and comes in a classic or modern, tech-inspired design.

Onanoff StoryphonesOnanoff StoryPhones

Onanoff, which is known for its extensive line of kids’ headphones, is introducing a new pair at CES: the StoryPhones. These smart headphones come with an Internet-connected content player that plays back a series of kid-friendly stories. Pop in a StoryShield disc and the story will automatically download to the headphone memory and begin playing. Once a story has been downloaded, it can be played independent of any network connection or other device.

There are tons of stories from Disney, like The Lion King, Mickey Mouse, and Frozen. Perfect for travel, bedtime, or for kids with sensory issues, the StoryPhones are an exciting new entry into the kids’ headphones space.

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RCA WiFi Baby MonitorRCA BM140 Baby Monitor Camera with Portable View Screen

RCA’s Wi-Fi-enabled BM140 baby monitor captures 1,080p HD video with motion detection and tracking along with sound detection, crying alerts, and two-way talk capabilities. With night vision as well, it also includes a temperature and humidity sensor, and you can view the readings on the portable 5-inch view screen. There are also built-in lullabies and sounds, a one-touch call button if you need to quickly sooth an infant or toddler with your voice without going into the room, and both local and cloud storage options.

The camera works within 300 feet of the monitor and it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Voice as well. The camera also doubles as a night light with RGB colour modes. With a one-week battery life and the ability to view two cameras via split screen, there’s even a wake-up alert. Let’s not also forget the cute ear/antenna design of the camera, which is downright adorable.

JLabs JBuddiesJLabs JBuddies Protect

The JLabs JBuddies Protect are over-ear hearing protection devices designed for kids to help them avoid overstimulation. They are fully adjustable to fit different kids’ head sizes, ranging from infants to teenagers.

Made with cloud foam cushions, they provide optimal noise reduction while also being durable. There’s also a cushioned headband and earcups for added comfort when wearing them for long periods of time.

The JBuddies Protect are foldable so they can be easily stuffed in a backpack or bag for travel, and are ANSI certified with an NRR rating of 23dB. They are set to be available in February 2023.

myFirst Fone S3

myFirstFone S3

A wearable smartphone (or smartwatch, depending on how you look at it) for kids, the myFirst Fone S3 has a 1.4-inch square touchscreen that resembles an Apple Watch along with 8GB storage, 2MP camera, and wireless pairing with headphones. But most important is the advanced GPS for tracking location. It’s IPX8-rated for water resistance to two metres and can connect via 4G LTE with an eSIM and appropriate plan. There are purposely no apps to avoid 1) kids getting distracted, and 2) draining the battery.

Using the device, parents and caregivers can contact kids through text, audio, and even video messaging. The myFirst Circle network, meanwhile, ensures a safe calling, location, and social sharing circle with only trusted contacts. For parents testing the waters with younger kids before giving them their own smartphone, as well as for extra safety with younger kids (say, when walking an amusement park, shopping mall, or on vacation), the myFirst Fone S3 is a neat option. With the new myFirst Circle, meanwhile, kids can enjoy group chats, shoutouts, and even photo and emoji sharing.

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