This week at CES 2018 Nest and Yale announced a new smart lock collaboration. The product is called the Nest x Yale Lock, and it has a number of very useful features going for it. Read on to learn all about this exciting new co-venture between two heretofore fierce competitors in the ever expanding smart home space.

The Nest x Yale Lock is in many ways a very surprising development. Although these two competing companies have attempted to work together on product developments in the past, nothing has ever really come of it until now. However, there’s also something extremely sensible about pairing a company with 177 years of experience in developing and perfecting the modern lock (Yale) with a company that’s known as an industry leader in connected home technology (Nest). So, what have these two modern giants combined to bring us?


Well, the Nest x Yale Lock is not only an incredibly strong barrier to entry into your own private sanctuary, your home, but it also provides many modern conveniences that smart locks are becoming increasingly known for. If you don’t like the idea of metal keys—keys that can easily get lost or stolen and end up in the wrong hands, for example, then you’ll love the idea of going key free with a lock like the Nest x Yale. Simply create a unique passcode for every member of your family to use to get into and out of your home (or anyone else you want to provide with authorized access to your home, like a caretaker or regularly scheduled cleaning professional), and you’ll never again have to fear lost keys. And, if you ever need to end a service (i.e., fire your cleaning person), you can easily revoke their personal passcode at any time. It’s super convenient!


Other useful features of the Nest x Yale Lock include alerts that keep you posted on who’s coming and who’s going from your home, the ability to lock itself should you ever happen to forget, and the ability to lock or unlock your door remotely at any time via your phone and a dedicated app. You can even use the app to check in to see whether your door is locked or unlocked at the present time, wherever you may be, and there’s also a quick tap feature that allows you to easily unlock your door whenever your hands are full (like if you’re carrying heavy bags of groceries from the car up to your door).

For more information on Nest and what their fine products can do, visit Best Buy Canada’s special dedicated page entitled The Smart Home works with Nest and learn all about how Nest can help you to create a truly integrated and fully functional smart home.

Similarly, you can learn more about Yale and its products by visiting Best Buy’s Smart Locks & Smart Door Bells page and checking out the listed Yale products as well as reading the Smart Locks and Doorbells FAQ at the bottom of the page. It’s most informative!


While we don’t know exactly when the Nest x Yale Lock may be arriving in Canada and at Best Buy, the tentative timeline given for its release at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada is just around the corner in March (at least for our south of the border friends). So keep an eye out at Best Buy and assure yourself of being among the very first to know whenever this amazing new smart lock lands here in Canada.



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