lg-laser-projector-2LG has revealed a brand new home theatre projector at the global technology show CES 2017. The LG ProBeam is a laser projector that the company promises is be both versatile and powerful.

Introducing LG ProBeam laser smart projector

The LG ProBeam (model HF80J for future reference) is built with a laser engine that’s able to emit up to 2,000 lumens of brightness, enabling viewers to enjoy video content even in a bright room, according to media materials just released to reporters.

The projector looks like few others. It’s tall and slim, not wide and flat like typical projectors. LG calls this an I-shaped design that should enable it to be placed in much smaller spaces, or perhaps even slid into a bookcase mimicking a (large) book with its compact standing design.

ProBeam has external audio support + screen mirroring

The Full HD projector also has ‘Sound Sync Adjustment’, meaning it can be paired with any Bluetooth audio product like an external speaker or headphones so you can enjoy top audio quality too. A ‘Wireless Mirroring’ feature takes advantage of LG’s Miracast technology which allows you to mirror a compatible smartphone screen (mainly Android or Windows, but Apple users are out of luck) through the projector.lg-laser-projector

webOS and LG Magic Remote stick around

        LG will continue to equip its devices with its webOS software which allows for smart functions including streaming. The service can be controlled using the proprietary LG Magic Remote Control which already has built in speech recognition/voice search and motion control so you can use it as a pointer.
        LG says the ProBeam will allow customers to “enjoy movies in living rooms, to watch exciting sporting events in backyards, and to take the LG ProBeam even on camping trips”.


Key Features of LG ProBeam laser projector

  • Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Bluetooth Sound
  • Up to 2000 Lumens
  • 20,000 Hour Lamp life

More information will trickle out about the LG ProBeam’s availability and specific features, as well as how exactly the laser technology works in the coming weeks and months post-CES.

Meantime, check out the existing LG lineup at Best Buy.

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