Preparing for a major appliance delivery

Shopping for appliances is one of my favourite things, and there’s always so much to consider when you’re first taking a peek at what’s out there.   So if you’re wondering how to go from from admiring a new fridge online to having it appear in your kitchen, read on, because this quick guide to preparing for a major appliance delivery is for you.

Bring out your inner chef with Frigidaire Stoves!

Best Buy is expanding their kitchen appliances! Here is a selection of some of the high-quality, reliable stoves from Frigidaire coming to Best Buy!

Choose a new range from LG Canada

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to shopping for a new kitchen range.   Whether you’re  looking for electric or gas, you’re a sophisticated chef or simple cook, or you’ve got a large or small budget, LG Canada has got the ranges to suit your kitchen.

Pick up a new fridge from LG Canada

The fridge has come a long way since the first electric version was introduced to consumers in the early 1900s. Since then, it has evolved from an air-cooled refrigeration unit mounted on top of an icebox to an energy-efficient appliance that is one part form and one part function. Keeping perishable food items from going bad is only part of the equation.   Today, consumers are looking for a refrigerator that meets the unique needs and preferences of their family while still looking darn good in their kitchen. That’s where LG Canada comes in. As Canada’s number one selling fridge brand, LG has a range of designs and features to meet even the most discerning of tastes, and now, they’re available at Best Buy.

LG Laundry Machines will keep your clothes squeaky clean!

Best Buy is expanding their appliances! Among those appliances will be a selection of high-quality LG washers and dryers. This is a great opportunity to invest in a reliable laundry system that are guaranteed to consistently get your clothes clean and dry!

Keep your food fresh with a fridge from Samsung Canada

Take advantage of Best Buy’s selection of Samsung refrigerators to re-decorate your kitchen. Below are some unique Samsung features and three great fridges to update any kitchen at any price point!

Stoves from Samsung Canada are built to suit any kitchen!

Whether you’re fully renovating your kitchen or updating some components, Samsung has an extensive range of high quality ovens to suit any kitchen.

Samsung Canada brings high tech to the laundry room

The technology of laundry has changed dramatically in the last two years. Today’s washers and dryers save energy but also make laundry faster to do and easier on your clothes.   Samsung Canada is a new player in the laundry market but has transferred it’s electronic know-how into a series of successful appliances with innovative features.   Some of their bestsellers are coming to Best Buy soon. Here’s an overview.

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