Who doesn’t love pulling a warm load of just-laundered clothes out of the dryer? I don’t think anyone is a huge fan of doing laundry, but anyone who has ever had a dryer break down knows that ti’s pretty nice to have warm, dry clothes to put on or fold away.

A lot of us don’t think that much about washing machines and dryers until they break down on us and we have to replace them. Maybe you’re someone who didn’t even purchase your existing dryer, instead inheriting it with the home you moved into. That means when you’re in the market for replacing your current dryer, you’ve got some research to do before you choose one. Your first decision? Gas or electric.

Gas dryers are really gaining in popularity, and you can now find gas dryers from great brands like LG and Whirlpool. Why would you choose a gas dryer? There are quite a few benefits you might be interested in.

Benefits of a gas dryerlg gas dryers

If you haven’t bought a dryer in 5 or more years, you’re in for a treat. Most dryers you can choose now will be high efficiency, have better energy consumption, and include handy features like de-wrinkle and moisture sensing. There are also benefits exclusive to gas dryers that can help make the decision of which to choose easier.

  • Gas dryers dry your clothes quickly and for less money
  • Gas dryers produce less static cling than electric dryers
  • All dryers heat up, but with a gas dryer the heat dissipates faster and that can reduce any wrinkling you might have
  • Natural gas is less expensive than electricity, so your operating costs should be lower

What you need to have a gas dryer

There are a few considerations to take into account when buying a gas dryer. You’ll need to have a natural gas line installed in your laundry room. That means you either have to already have gas hooked up or you’ll have to get a gas fitter to come out and install a line for you.

Depending on which model you buy, natural gas dryers may be a bit more expensive to purchase initially, but that cost is offset by your lower utility bills and the overall durability of your dryer. Some gas dryer models have been known to last for over ten years, so when you buy one you know it’s in your laundry room for the long haul.

Now that you know the benefits of a gas dryer, here’s a look at two models Best Buy carries.

lg-gas-dryerLG Gas-Powered Steam Dryer

If you’re in the market for a gas dryer, you’ll love the bells and whistles on the LG Gas-Powered Steam Dryer. It has a 7.4 cu. ft. capacity so it can handle large loads, and with TrueSteam technology to minimize wrinkles, you won’t have to iron as much.

There’s also a SteamFresh cycle that can dry in 20 minutes, and Sensor Dry to adjust drying times based on moisture levels.


whirlpool-gas-dryerWhirlpool Gas Steam Dryer

When you want fluffy, warm clothes, you can’t go wrong with the Whirlpool 7.4 cu. ft gas dryer. From small loads to large, it will save you time and money when drying your clothes. It has four baffles to move your clothes around randomly to ensure every spot is dry, and EcoBoost will use less heat while extending dryer time.

You can use the Stream Refresh cycle for a quick 22 minute blast to reduce odour and wrinkles, or choose from one of the many custom cycles for delicates, bedding, and more. It also has sound-dampening material surrounding the dryer drum so if you don’t like the sounds of zippers or metal buttons in your dryer, you won’t hear them.

Gas dryers are a great pick for anyone who wants the benefit of saving on drying costs while enjoying all the benefits of a brand new dryer. You can find the best gas dryer to suit your laundry room at Best Buy.

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