A washing machine and dryer are important appliances, but you usually don’t think about them until you’re doing laundry or it’s time to replace them.  When that time comes, your first decision might be whether or not you’re going to choose gas or electric.

Gas dryers are really gaining in popularity, but why would you choose a gas dryer over an electric dryer? There are quite a few benefits you might be interested in.

What to consider before buying a gas dryer


There are a few considerations a shopper should take into account when buying a gas dryer.

Installing a gas line

The first thing you’ll consider is whether or not you’ll need to have a natural gas line installed in your laundry room. You either have to already have gas hooked up in your home with a line going to your laundry room or you’ll have to get a gas fitter come out and install a line for you.

Cost of a gas dryer

Depending on which model you buy, natural gas dryers may be a bit more expensive to purchase initially. The good news is that the cost is offset by your lower utility bills and the overall durability of your dryer. Some gas dryer models have been known to last for over ten years, so when you buy one you know it’s in your laundry room for the long haul.

Overall benefits of a gas dryer


If you haven’t bought a dryer in 5 or more years, you’ll be amazed at the difference between your dryer and a new gas dryer.

Gas dryers have features to spare

When you want your choice of features and custom cycles, a gas dryer is loaded with options. They have large capacity to handle loads of towels and blankets, steam cycles that can dry in 20 minutes or less, and sensor dry to automatically adjust your drying times based on your moisture levels.

Some even have sound-dampening material surrounding the dryer drum so if you don’t like the sounds of zippers or metal buttons in your dryer, you won’t hear them.

Gas dryers dry your clothes faster and for less money

With or without steam, a gas dryer will dry your clothes faster than an electric dryer. That’s because the heat is evenly distributed throughout the drum, and it’s more gentle on your clothes while drying.

Say goodbye to wrinkles when you have a gas dryer

Gas dryers produce less static cling than electric dryers, and they can help you ditch the iron too. Because heat dissipates faster, your gas dryer can reduce any excess wrinkling you might have.

Brands that carry gas dryers

LG Gas dryerIf you have a favourite appliance brand, chances are they offer a gas dryer as part of their laundry lineup. These brands each have unique features you’ll want to check out before you make a final decision.

Samsung gas dryers offer 10 preset cycles and multi-steam technology, making it easy to remove odours, wrinkles, and freshen up your clothes. One of LG’s gas dryer models offers a large 7.4 cu.ft. capacity, TrueSteam technology to reduce wrinkles and odours, and SteamFresh for a quick, 20 minute drying cycle.

GE offers a gas dryer with My Settings, letting you customize your cycles and save them for future loads. They also have eDry to save energy and reduce heat of some settings. One of the Electrolux models of gas dryer is an extra large 8.0 cu. ft. and has Predictive Dry technology to evaluate how damp your load is within 90 seconds. There’s also many models from Whirlpool, offering you features like Advanced Moisture Sensing and EcoBoost to save you on energy costs.

There are so many great reasons to choose a gas dryer as part of your laundry pair. Check out all of the gas dryers on Best Buy and make your choice today.



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