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Withings/Nokia Thermo Overview

Withings/Nokia Thermo Overview


Feel a fever coming on? Keep track of your temperature quickly and reliably with a simple, no-contact gesture using the Withings/Nokia Thermo smart thermometer. Health Canada approved, Thermo measures temperature via a simple sweep across the forehead.

It syncs with the companion app to keep track of readings and related symptoms or medications, and send reminders. Keep on top of your baby or child’s rising fever, or have all of the data at your fingertips to present to your doctor.

The device supports up to eight users, each of which is assigned their own name using the touchscreen. Readings take into account age for determining normal body temperature. You can use it at home, or take it with you: it runs on three included AAA batteries, and comes with a protective cap.


The Withings/Nokia Thermo uses HotSpot Sensor Technology, which consists of 16 infrared sensors that take more than 4,000 measurements once you sweep the device across your forehead. It locates the hottest point, and provides a medically-approved measurement in just two seconds.

It achieves clinical accuracy through measuring the temporal artery, which is considered the best place to detect temperature changes. The blood that circulates there originates from the core of your body.


No contact with the skin is required for the Withings/Nokia Thermo to get an accurate temperature measurement, which is ideal in many situations.

With a young baby or child, for example, you can take a measurement while he’s asleep without having to disturb him. There’s a lights-off option so a bright light won’t distract baby from slumber. And, since it measures from the forehead without touch, you won’t need to remove any of baby’s clothing.


It’s simple for someone to take their own temperature. Sweep the unit across your forehead, and it will vibrate twice when the reading is complete.

Thermo is hygienic and sanitary: no touch is necessary, every member of the family can use it to check their temperature without worry about spreading germs. There’s no contact with saliva, earwax, or other bodily fluids.


As soon as you take a measurement, Thermo pairs with the Nokia Thermo app to store the history, and provide advanced health advice. Through a partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital, it will also provide in-app guidance with Thermia to advise on the proper medications and dosages.

Want to keep track of when you last gave a child medication? Input notes in a health journal, including other symptoms, when and what medication was taken, and even photos to help see if treatment is effective. Set the app to send reminders as well for when it’s time to take a child’s temperature again, or administer the next dose of medication.

Not only will you get feedback within the Nokia Thermo app, but the device itself also provides instant feedback on its colour-coded LED indicator, letting you know if your temperature is normal, elevated, or high.


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