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MEGABLAST and BLAST overview

MEGABLAST and BLAST overview

When you want to listen to music and turn it up loud, nothing sounds as good as Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and Ultimate Ears BLAST. Treat your ears to your favourite tunes on these Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speakers and you can enjoy big, bold, 360° sound with the added convenience of hands-free voice control.

Thanks to Amazon Alexa built right in, you can request music, turn up the volume, order takeout, or even control your smart home devices. Enjoy fast, stable streaming, a big range to roam, and the ability to take calls without stopping the music and killing the vibe. These speakers are designed to have extra-long battery life to play all day from the sunset beach party to the sunrise after party, all on a single charge. Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and Ultimate Ears BLAST aren’t lagging in the style department either. While they are cool enough to take everywhere, they’re also waterproof, drop proof, and ultra-durable so you’re always ready for whatever life throws at you.

Say it to play it with MEGABLAST and BLAST from Ultimate Ears

Whether you choose Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST or Ultimate Ears BLAST, all you need to enjoy your favourite playlist or hit repeat on your newest download is to call out for Alexa. Because Amazon Alexa is built-in with far-field voice recognition, you can connect to the cloud via Wi-Fi and use voice-control to manage your music.

Take your Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and BLAST anywhere, connect to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot, and you’ll enjoy your favourite Amazon Music, and TuneIn stations on your speaker. You can even utilize voice control to have your speaker control your smart home devices, search for something online, or use any of the thousands of Alexa skills.

Clear, rich 360° sound that travels with you everywhere

A Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speaker needs to go the distance with you, and cool features won’t matter if the sound quality isn’t there. With Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and Ultimate Ears BLAST you get crystal clear, intense sound that surrounds wherever you roam together.

The MEGABLAST is Ultimate Ears’s biggest, loudest and most powerful speaker yet. It gives you 360° of rich audio that’s crystal clear and driven by a powerful back beat of bass. No slouch in the sound department, the slim, portable Ultimate Ears BLAST is also a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speaker with the power to cover you in 360° of bold, amazing audio.

Pair up to eight MEGABLAST or BLAST speakers for a truly immersive sound experience. Ensure music reaches everyone at the party. With 2 speakers you can select stereo mode!

Use the Ultimate Ears app to select how many speakers to pair, and find new features and functionalities as they become available.

Durable, waterproof, and designed to play your favourites for hours

A portable speaker needs to have battery life to spare, and Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and Ultimate Ears BLAST deliver the sound and endurance you’d expect in a powerful portable speaker. Both Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and Ultimate Ears BLAST are IP67 rated and can be immersed in water up to one metre for thirty minutes. You can take them near the lake, right at pool side, or out in the blinding snow and you’ll never have to worry about whether your speaker is wet or can stand up to the elements.

Both Ultimate Ears speakers have extra-long battery life too: Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST will run for 16 hours and Ultimate Ears BLAST can keep the party going for 12 hours on a single charge. When it’s time to charge you can use Ultimate Ears POWER UP. Sold separately, it fits into any home’s design and makes charging simple. You can even play music or chat with Alexa while your speaker is charging.

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