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Sony BRAVIA OLED 4K TV Overview

Sony BRAVIA OLED 4K TV Overview

Sony’s BRAVIA OLED 4K TV is among industry’s best

Sony’s BRAVIA OLED TV is one of the best looking TVs on the market. From its near-frameless design to its top of the line 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) video capabilities, plus the magic of Sony’s Acoustic Surface audio, this TV is built to be top of the line. Dazzling colour, rich, natural depth plus crisp and fine detail mean you can fully immerse yourself in your entertainment.  It even looks great from any angle – the stand and speakers disappear, leaving only a brilliant picture.

The BRAVIA OLED A1E also has Sony’s TRILUMINOS® Display technology which will dazzle you with its wider and more true-to-life palette of colours and more natural, realistic shades and hues, whether you choose a 55” TV or a 65” TV.

Get exquisite contrast, perfect blacks, touchable realism

Sony’s BRAVIA OLED TV makes that happen with over 8 million self-illuminating pixels. Each pixel that makes up the screen is precisely and individually controlled by Sony’s super-smart X1 Extreme processor. Working together they create exquisite, unprecedented contrast since each pixel can be turned off to create true blacks, or adjusted for realistic shadows. This level of contrast reveals subtle details and textures for a view that is stunningly real.

Plus with 4K and HDR technology, combined with the X1 Extreme processor’s lightning-fast processing, even fast-moving scenes have no blur. The new processor outperforms Sony’s conventional X1 4K Processor with 40% more real-time image processing power. That means it can take everything you watch and upgrade it to near-4K HDR quality. The brains inside the BRAVIA OLED are so sharp, they can also detect, analyze and optimize each object in the picture individually—referencing two databases of images—to adjust the overall contrast for a more natural and realistic picture on screen.

A Genius TV

You’ve heard of Smart TVs but Sony’s BRAVIA OLED is genius-smart. The Sony OLED 4K HDR TV has 8 million self-emitting pixels which delivers amazingly real video with vibrant, crisp detail and hyper-realistic contrast.

The TV runs the Android TV operating system which also allows for conventional “smart” operations like web surfing and streaming, or even casting your smartphone or tablet. You can also access your favourite apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Slacker, and download new ones through Android TV’s endless library.

Android TV also lets you voice search right through your remote control—just say what you want to see!  You can also use Google Cast to watch your favourite apps and videos on the big screen.

Revolutionary Acoustic Surface puts sound inside the picture

The problem with TV speakers has been that for a long time they’ve been too small and too directional to provide quality sound. But now, revolutionary new technology has allowed Sony to build the speakers into the screen so the sound actually seems like it’s emanating from the picture. It’s called Acoustic Surface Technology and it’s the biggest revolutions in TV audio in decades.

Sound and pictures now appear to blend seamlessly and all originate from one place, meaning you’ll now feel like you’re more a part of the action than ever. Thanks to the amazing invisible design, the entire TV resonates with rich sound emanating directly from the screen itself, and there’s no speakers to clutter up the TV’s frameless beauty.

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