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Sony® 4K HDR Ultra HD TV Overview

Sony® 4K HDR Ultra HD TV Overview


If it’s been awhile since you’ve shopped for a new TV, prepare to be blown away. Sony has just launched its new 4K HDR Ultra HDTV, known as model X900E.

With incredible contrast and breathtakingly real-looking video thanks to ultra-sharp 4K resolution and HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, you’ll fall in love with your favourite programs all over again. The TV has incredible contrast, and with smart upscaling you can watch even non-HDR content at nearly 4K HDR quality. Colours will look richer and truer than you’ve ever seen them before, thanks to Sony’s TRILUMINOS™ Display.

The Sony X900E 4K HDR Ultra HD TV is powered by the popular Android TV operating system so it’s fast and easy to use and lets you use all the apps and services powered by Google.

Plus with a narrow aluminum frame and unique stand that makes cords vanish, you can keep visual clutter to a minimum. With sizes including a 49″ TV, a 55” TV, a 65″ TV,  and a 75” TV, you can find the right size for your room too.



Words come up short when it comes to describing the X900E’s video quality. The TV has ultra sharp 4K resolution which is four times more clear and crisp than HDTV. Plus with the addition of HDR colour technology, you’ll also get a hyper-real picture, exceptional detail, colour and contrast, with a far wider range of brightness than other video formats.

By now you know about 4K, but Sony’s newly developed 4K HDR Processor X1 outperforms previous versions by adding more real-time image processing power, so the X900E detects, analyzes and optimizes the picture and makes adjustments constantly to create a better picture on the fly.

The Sony X900E also has full-array local dimming technology for enhanced contrast and brightness while X-tended Dynamic Range PRO 5X technology lets you enjoy five times the contrast range² of a conventional LED-edge lit TV by accurately balancing the light output across the screen.

As if all this technology isn’t enough, the Sony X900E 4K HDR Ultra HD TV  also has Sony’s TRILUMINOS™ Display which allows for more vibrant, realistic colour replication.



TVs today are expected to be smart, but the Sony X900E is smarter than smart; it’s genius.

Thanks to the power of Android TV you can cast your favourite apps directly to the screen with Google Cast, while Voice Search helps you find the shows and movies you want. And with Google Home compatibility, you can even connect your Google Home device to your TV and ask it to do actions like stream videos on your TV with Chrome-cast built-in. Just start with, “OK Google.”

Of course if you like touch control, use your smartphone as the remote so there’s no hunting for lost remote controls.  The Google play store is also at your fingertips with the Sony X900E 4K HDR TV opening the door to a huge range of content including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video and Android games.



TV design has come a long way. Once upon a time TVs were room-filling behemoths that took up as much space as a sofa. Today they’re more like art on the wall; TVs like Sony’s X900E are so thin and narrow they practically disappear.

The X900E has a narrow aluminum frame with minimalistic bezel or frame, which focuses your eye on the screen for maximum entertainment. Cable clutter is gone thanks to the X900E’s unique stand which helps keep wires out of sight, thanks to a hidden cable panel. Cables can now be arranged across the back of the TV and channeled into the stand, so everything looks tidy from the front.

And with all this technology, audio hasn’t been forgotten. Sony ClearAudio+ fine-tunes TV sound for an immersive entertainment experience that seems to come from all directions. You’ll hear speaking, music, or surround effects with better clarity and definition.


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